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Tips on Buying or Selling Real Estate Property

Written by Posted On Monday, 24 July 2017 23:47

As the economic situation is slowly recovering, people wonder whether it is better to buy or sell property. Despite this situation of uncertainty, there is no need to stay in one place. Here Haysha Deitsch, the renewed real estate CEO of Beechwood Acqusitions, brings you some valuable tips on how to successfully navigate the real estate market.

This is the ideal time for those who want to buy a property. The low interest rates on housing loans, as well as the abrupt decline in real estate prices, present opportunities for both buyers and investors, and even those who want to upgrade or rebuild their own residential space. According to world economists, interest rates are expected to grow over the following month, which is why Deitsch believes that now it’s the perfect opportunity for those that are looking to buy, especially if it’s their first property.

Regardless whether you are a buyer, a seller, or even both, Haysha says that the best investment that a seller can make is to spend time researching agents. He is ready to make a full-time commitment to help you capitalize on current market opportunities and assist you in making an informed decision.

Investing in rental real estate looks like a great idea on paper, but nonetheless, there are some matters you have to consider before buying or selling a property. More than half of the home sales in 2017 are expected to be to first-time buyers. Many of them are moving from urban rentals, research which means competition could become fierce.

A good real estate agent knows when it’s the best time for open house and how to swell prices, of course if the market allows. The more you educate yourself about the process beforehand, the less stressful it will be, and the more likely you will be to get the house you want for a price you can afford. Finding the right real estate agent can make you a savvy consumer and improve your overall experience.

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Rossie Wang

Rossie Wang is a former Real Estate agent turned to analyst and blogger. In her honest personal opinion, London - and not New York is the first stop for the richest people in the world.
Wang is young and ambitious. She feels the spirit of the times and always strives to be one step ahead in her work. This is primarily why she moved away from real estate and started blogging.

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