3 Keys to Selling Your Home

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When it comes time to sell your home, most home sellers want to sell their home fast and for top dollar.  Really, who wouldn't?  Selling a home has a lot of facets to do it right and no homeowner wants their house to linger on the market.  But, I bundle those steps down into the 3 keys to successfully selling a home.

When you hear about successful home sales, there is usually a carefully crafted plan that requires an experienced listing agent along with the willingness of the seller to follow advice and put in some effort.  A little upfront planning can certainly prevent your house from languishing on the market unsold.

What are the 3 Keys to Successfully Selling a Home?

I will quickly go into the 3 keys but not in great depth.  You will find links to other articles that will go into depth on the major points throughout the article.

Preparation of Your Home

declutter your homw ehn sellingWe start with preparing your home for your real estate market.  This is the first step because the preparation of your home can also impact the ultimate sale price of your home. 

First and foremost, EVERY house should have a deep clean, thorough de-cluttering and be completely de-personalized.  These 3 steps should never be skipped, on any home if you are looking for the maximum return on your home upon a sale.   Not only will these have a huge return, they are all free!  It just may require some time.

Next you are looking at if any major repairs need and should be done.  To maximize your net proceeds upon closing realize you need to have the major systems and structure of your house in serviceable workable condition.  A pre-listing home inspection is a good step to take.

Fresh paint of a current neutral pallet will also give you large returns.  Right now greys are in.  Nobody will complain about a freshly painted neutral wall color.  And, that is just one more item the home buyers can knock off their to do list.

Home staging is a big buzzword.  Consider a home staging consultation.  A home stager will certainly discuss with you the items above but will also make suggestion about "merchandising your home".  merchandising your home will make it more appealing to the buying public.  Home staging is about highlighting the attractive features of your home and downplaying the negatives.

Properly preparing your home is critical to maximizing returns.  Not only are you providing a turn key property, you are increasing value and broadening the appeal of your home.

Pricing Your Home Properly

pricing your home correctlyGetting the proper price on your home is the single most important factor in getting your home sold in a reasonable amount of time and for top dollar.  It will also lessen your stress and frustration you will feel when your home is not selling.

Determining the correct list price for your home in most cases is pretty straight forward, but many times is clouded by misinformation and emotion. 

Ways not to calculate value:

The proper pricing of your home is determined by data.  The data will include recent, past history of similar homes that have sold in your area.  Typically a real estate agent will prepare a comparative market analysis showing you the comparable homes that were used.  There will be a value range with an opinion of where you fall in that range based on your homes criteria.

Overpricing your home will ultimately have a detrimental effect on selling your home.  Proper pricing is 80% of selling your home.  No amount of preparation or marketing will sell a home if it overpriced.  You can get everything else right but get the pricing wrong and your home will stagnate on the market.

Presenting Your Home to the Market

drone photography for real estatePresenting your home to the buying public is how you will market your home.  Most of this will fall on your REALTOR with the systems they have in place.

While there is many aspects to marketing your home the single biggest piece of marketing is high quality photographs.  Most of your marketing whether it is social media, the MLS, property brochures, etc... start with photography.  It is key you have professional high quality real estate photography of your home.

With the advancement of digital cameras and digital photo processing it puts quality imaging of a home in the hands of every real estate agent/ home seller.  Your agent may have taken the time to learn the proper techniques or now many agents are hiring professional to photograph their listings.

Your home needs to be staged and properly prepared for your listing photographs.  A messy home, with obvious need for repair will certainly show in the listing photographs.

Tying It All Together

Hiring the right listing agent with the experience to walk you though the steps will certainly make things tie together.  A good listing agent will present a comprehensive marketing plan and review the steps with you.

If you make sure you work with the right agent and these 3 keys to selling your home are covered you will certainly have a successful home sale.  If you miss one of these steps you could be in for a long haul.

Other Real Estate Resources:

The Three keys To Selling Your Home, was written by Kevin Vitali a real estate agent located in Tewksbury MA.  Kevin will help you get achieve your home selling goals.

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Kevin Vitali

I have been a full-time real estate agent since 2002.  When it comes to helping home buyers and sellers experience matters.  I have hundreds and hundreds of successful transactions under my belt.  Each one brings a set of challenges to the table for me to draw on to help you buy or sell a home.

Home Buying-  I work as a Massachusetts Buyer's Agent representing your best interest in a home purchase.  I can work with you throughout the entire process from deciding if buying a home is right for you, to recommending a great home inspector, to a successful close on your new home. 

Home Selling-  Over the years I have developed a Marketing Plan that gets your home sold.  I can work with you on preparing your home for maximum return, to pricing it properly, to leveraging professional photography and the internet.  All adds up to getting your home sold for the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of hassle.

I am based out of EXIT Group One Real Estate in Tewksbury MA and cover all of Essex County and Northern Middlesex County in Massachusetts.  If you are looking to buy or sell give me a call.


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