The Importance Of Changing Your Locks After Moving To A New House

Written by Posted On Sunday, 30 July 2017 06:36
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Moving into a new house is an exciting time! It's a new beginning with new responsibilities that are foremost on your mind, such as mortgage payments, new neighbors, unpacking, getting settled, and setting up house with design and renovations to your liking. However, if the new house was once occupied by a former resident, there are some things you need to take action on before settling in for the first night at your new place. One of these considerations is the importance of changing your locks after moving to a new house.

While the moment the realtor handed you that set of keys for your new home's front door may have been sentimental and a bit ceremonial, the best thing you can do with those keys is to have your locks changed and get a brand new set of keys for your new house. The main reason comes down to safety and security. If the previous owner never had the locks changed, there may be copies of the key in the hands of strangers who could easily break into your house or possibly even attempt entry unaware that there is now a new house owner.

Moving LocksmithWhenever you move into a new house, you should definitely change your locks. Security needs to be your first concern. The previous owner most likely made at least one copy or handed a spare key to people they trusted but whom you don't know. There may be several spare keys in the hands of neighbors, family members, friends, or service workers, or contractors. The idea of a stranger having access to your home is unnerving, to say the least.

If the hardware of your lock is in great shape, you have two options:

Change your locks

Completely changing locks in exchange for new hardware and keys is the most expensive way to go, and to get it done right it's best to call a professional who knows what they are doing and who can recommend the best locks for your home. Changing your locks is recommended if the existing locks show wear, you want to upgrade to stronger and more efficient locks, or you don't have confidence in the locks condition. Changing locks is also a must if you know the home has had an attempted break-in or if local break-ins have been occurring.

Re-key your locks

If your locks are in great condition, a less expensive option is to have the locks re-keyed. When you re-key a lock, you change out the lock's inner workings only, leaving the outer hardware intact. A re-key will require a new set of keys for you to be able to open the lock leaving the old key useless. When you re-key your locks instead of changing them, a professional alter the tumbler, changes the wafer configuring, or forces a new key exchange and then provides you with a new set of working keys.

Changing or re-keying your locks is a simple, quick, and affordable process that takes into account the importance of feeling safe and secure in your new home. It is the most sensible thing to do before you stay the first night or begin moving in your valuables. Your peace of mind is worth the small cost and effort that goes into changing or re-keying your locks.

Whether you decide to change your locks or have them re-keyed, it is important to understand the importance of changing your locks after moving to a new house. To have your locks changed or re-keyed, contact a reliable, trustworthy locksmithlocksmith.

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