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Household Assistance for the Elderly through Handyman Services

Written by Posted On Saturday, 12 August 2017 04:44
Household Assistance for the Elderly through Handyman Services Morguefile from user figrock

Studies show that older people tend to be more comfortable if they remain in their homes as they age. However, physical handicaps brought about by old age, disabilities, and illnesses make this difficult for them. Also, families are now growing apart and are separated hundreds of miles away from their home towns. There's no one close by who can help them out for the little household fixes.

Elderly people need such assistance, even with the most basic household chores such as changing the lightbulb, fixing the door handle or de-clogging the shower drain. I've described a few home improvements that make homes safer for our elderly parents in this post. In fact, it's not just the elderly, many younger people need such help as well.

These little tasks do not mean a lot to larger companies who prefer to handle bigger projects. But there are smaller handyman businesses and some modern entrepreneurs who have found that it's a lucrative and meaningful path for them. They have started offering handyman services to senior citizens.

The primary concern in this type of service is the character of the handymen offering the help. You can't afford having manipulative and abusive workers taking advantage of the elderly. You must find people who are passionate and who are willing to help the elderly as much as they can. Nowadays, there is a lot of ways in finding the right person for the right job. There are also municipal or non-profit funded programs.

One of them is by calling the Area Agency on Aging office that is present in the locality. They make directories of such services accessible to the senior citizens. They may charge the seniors, depending on their income and also considering the materials and services required. The city or county may be requested directly to determine whether these programs are available within the area.

Another way is to check with the local senior center officials to see if there is manpower available for the labor desired by the senior citizen. The community where they live may be asked or requested for help. For example, acquaintances in the church or around the neighborhood may provide such assistance to them. Even trusted friends and colleagues may assist the elderly, if possible. Sometimes, it is best to pick out the people whom you know and trust the most in order to avoid conflict and misunderstanding. It also ensures that they are not just helping to be paid, but helping out of kindness, too.

Also, the Yellow pages of the telephone directory and Angies List may be useful in cases such as these. Just look up the "Home Improvements" or "Home Repairs" section of the directory. With the rapid development of technology nowadays, assistance may knock on the door with just a few clicks, taps, or push of the buttons on handheld devices, which aren't that difficult to use. However, it is important to verify that they are licensed to perform the job.

You can check with the Better Business Bureau if such businesses or contractors are trustworthy. It is also a good idea to ask for references, preferably from people who live in the neighborhood near the elders. Some people may have had good or bad experiences with the worker that you are going to hire. It is important to keep in mind the reviews and opinions of those who have been their customers before. They may be also able to refer you to a good worker if they have one in mind.

Last but not the least, more help is on the way. A major research project for the elderly is ongoing and it is called Community Aging in Place & Advancing Better Living for Elders, also known as CAPABLE. This program offers workforce such as occupational therapists, handymen, and nurses to the homes of 800 low-income senior citizens in Baltimore. This research aims to see if elderly independence can be achieved through a cheaper price, and save millions of tax money allotted for nursing homecare.

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