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What Homebuilders Want from a Real Estate Professional!

Written by Posted On Monday, 25 September 2017 00:21


Homebuilders are always trying to find a real estate professional with the ability to do the 3 things listed below:

          1. Find Building Sites!

                   Finding building sites is a common problem for homebuilders.

                   Most homebuilders are anxious to work with a real estate

                   professional who can help find building sites for new homes.

          2. Sell Presale Homes!

                   Homebuilders usually appreciate a real estate professional who

                   is motivated to help them sell their new homes. Homebuilding

                   can be a risky business so a real estate professional who knows

                   how to market and sell new homes is invaluable. Qualified real

                   estate agents and brokers know how to communicate with

                   buyer prospects and always focus on “customer service”.

                   Smart real estate professionals understand that prospects or

                   customers want to work with a sales person they “like and trust”.

                   When you communicate well with prospects and provide all of

                   the information they need you are a true professional and will be

                   rewarded – the prospects will appreciate your efforts and want to

                   work with you exclusively.

          3. Sell Speculative Homes before They Are Finished!

                   Building speculative homes can be very risky for a homebuilder

                   and high carrying costs has meant financial hardship for many.

                   Homebuilders like to work with real estate professionals who

                   understand marketing concepts and have the ability sell

                   speculative homes before construction completion.

If you have skills and can do the 3 things shown above you will have many homebuilders looking for your marketing and sales assistance.

When you can sell homes faster than your competition

you will always have homebuilder accounts.

This article has been submitted by Doug Dunlap who is a retired real estate broker and homebuilder. He worked with ninety homebuilders and site developers for thirty years in the Puget Sound region in Washington State. He is the author of Presale Home Concepts 101 a guide book designed to help real estate professionals, new home buyers, homebuilders, and anyone else connected to the homebuilding industry. His book is available online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Comments on this article or questions should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Doug’s passion is to help new home buyers and homebuilding industry professionals. Anyone that provides proof of purchase of his book is eligible for FREE online assistance for 60 days.


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