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5 Non-Negotiable Things All Home Buyers Must Do To Protect Themselves

Written by Posted On Friday, 29 September 2017 15:27

I really think not finding a good honest real estate agent that you can trust is a big one, but assuming you've either got an agent or know that I am biased, we'll move along.  There are some non-negotiables that are unique to the individual, like living on a 1 story home for example, or being in specific school district.  However, these 5 Non-Negotiable Things All Home Buyers Must Do To Protect Themselves are all about the process of buying a home. 

Before we do jump into this, let me say this about non-negotiables when it comes to preference. Evaluate your must-haves BEFORE looking - this almost never happens. Most are disappointed their new home doesn't have a feature that they didn't realize they needed before being without it. For example: having laundry be on the same level as the master suite.

Non-Negotiables to the Process

  1. 1. The Home Inspection

  2. I don't care if you're buying a new construction home, resale even Mom's house (buying from family). Get it inspected... the piece of mind alone is worth it.  Inspections should be done by someone who is licensed, preferrably certified by ASHI (American Society Of Home Inspectors), and takes photos of all the problems. 
  3. 2. Shopping | Interviewing

  4. (HUGE!!!) Most buyers choose the first vendor they interact with, whether that's a real estate agent, attorney, inspector, home insurance, the list goes on. It's worth it to get good people.  If you're using a good real estate agent, ask who they recommend.  The reason is that the agent has a vested interest in making sure you are getting the best service. 
  5. 3. Working With A Budget

  6. If you've been renting it  probably makes sense to buy, but a lot of buyers just see what they can get vs what they can afford. It's very common to see first time home buyers end up "house poor" where they can't afford to furnish the home.  You should start with a monthly budget, then work off from there.  Keep in mind that homes for sale in Ann Arbor MI may have different requirements such as HOAs, taxes, etc than say homes for sale in Dacula GA.
  7. 4. Drive The Neighborhood

  8. Many home buyers will see a home one time and fall in love.  Similar to shopping, the statistics are crazy to think about! Driving the neighborhood not only can help you with the commute (physically driving from the neighborhood) but becoming familar with the neighborhood before you buy is just good sound advice.
  9. 5.  Including "Advice Givers" Upfront

  10. This one is common with first time home buyers. They go see 10 homes (after eliminating 50 on the internet) and then invite the parents or Uncle Joe to see the home. The "advisor" does what they think is best and tries to protect the buyer and usually slams the home. Unfortunately, they don't have the education in seeing the other 10 homes or understanding the market. They are basing their decisions on their current perspective of their living situation. If you're going to rely on advice, then make the person go through as much as the process as you can, if not then only rely on that person the percentage of their involvement. Hope this helps!
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Joshua Jarvis

Joshua Jarvis is a 15 year veteran of real estate and runs his own real estate team, Jarvis Team Realty in Duluth, GA.  His team is routinely in the top 1% locally and top 2% nationwide with over 100 homes sold every year. A graduate of Georgia Tech, Joshua engineers systems for his team and clients alike.   Joshua love technology and is often asked to teach or speak on the subject of real estate SEO and digital marketing.

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