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Useful Tips on Early-Marketing of New Homes!

Written by Posted On Friday, 06 October 2017 03:10

The concepts.

A smart approach is to run advertising on a website page, or in a printed real estate magazine or newspaper. The main objective is to trigger a new home buyer prospect to call you on the telephone.

What home buyer prospects want.

In most cases, one of the first questions you will hear from ad callers will be where is the home. If you answer this question by saying it is not built yet you will probably lose your prospect. A good way to answer this question is to let the prospects know the house will be finished in 90 days (completion time can vary so you need to find out from your home builder the right time frame before you start your marketing). At the same time, you need to inform the prospects that you have the home design renderings, floor plan, and a complete list of all of the construction features that are included in the home AND THERE IS STILL TIME TO CHOOSE YOUR COLORS AND SELECT ANY UPGRADES YOU MIGHT WANT. You want to schedule an appointment so you can show the prospects the design, floor plan and information on all the construction features. As a qualified presale home specialist you will be organized with all of the basic information you need for prospects before you ever receive their call. It is important to establish some rapport with the prospects on the phone and when you meet them. Prospects buy from real estate brokers that they “trust and like” so if you really care about your customers, and show it, they will know it. As you know, when you have a good relationship with customers, because you are performing your job the right way, it makes all the difference in the world.

Where many real estate brokers and home builders can do better.

It is common in the home building industry that real estate brokers and home builders advertise a new home for sale ONLY by showing color photos of all of the exterior and interior details of a speculative home that is finished. Many homes are sold this way however if buyer prospects would like to choose their own colors and make some minor upgrade changes it’s probably too late. This is why early marketing has some real advantages. The advantages are simple – the home buyers get more choices!

The main reasons for this article about early-marketing.

Early marketing of new homes is very important but many industry professionals do not have the knowledge or expertise to implement a program continuously that is successful. Successful means results. Results that help home builders sell houses faster and results that give new home buyers the opportunity to make their own selections. Isn’t this just common sense? We think it is.

All kinds of concepts, useful tips, and early marketing sample pages for real estate professionals are featured in the new unfinished homes guide book, Presale Home Concepts 101, which is available online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Send your response, feedback or questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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