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Pros & Cons: What to Consider Before Moving Near the Ocean

Written by Posted On Thursday, 09 November 2017 22:36

No matter where you decide your homestead will be, there will be special things you need to consider. It could be anything from the taxes you pay to learning what your neighbors are like. Every home and property has its good and bad points to consider. Your realtor is going to accentuate highlights of homes rather than any flaws, but every house on the market has a mix of both. Here are some pros and cons to think about if you are planning on moving close to the ocean.

Sand Gets into Everything

Sand is prolific near the ocean, and it gets blown by the wind into every corner and crevice. It also gets tracked into your house. Fine dust makes its way through screens of windows left open to enjoy the ocean breezes on warm summer evenings. Sand gets in your shoes, in your car and inside your house. Unlike some household dirt, sand is tough to sweep up with a broom or a vacuum cleaner.

If you cannot stand sand, then living near the ocean may not be for you. However, the major plus is that your home is located in the spot where many people work all year just to vacation at. Keep sand in check with thick mats at each entrance to wipe feet and shoes on. Also, always insist that everyone take their shoes off in the house. Brooms with a combination of stiff and soft bristles help in sweeping sand off of decks, patios, sidewalks and driveways.

Lull Yourself to Sleep to Soothing Sounds of Waves

The rhythm of waves breaking along the shoreline of the ocean is a soothing sound that can lull you to sleep. It is at a sound frequency and rhythm that is so iconically associated with tranquility that you can buy it on CDs that mimic the same sounds. If you choose a home near the ocean in a warm climate, you can leave a bedroom window open year round. You can then hear the soothing, rhythmic sounds of waves lapping at the shore.

Having close access to swim in seawater may also benefit your health. It is believed that swimming in salt water will give your immune system a boost. Experiments done by comparing skin exposure to plain water and seawater showed that the salt in seawater can improve the look and feel of dry skin. Plus, having a beach and ocean just outside your door is a dream of many.

Corrosion from Salt and Rot from Humidity

Other than the potential for hurricanes and storm surges that are a given when you live next to an ocean is the damage salt water can do. You need to take into account an increase in home maintenance costs due to the perpetual assault of mist and moist ocean air. Higher humidity levels attack organic surfaces, leading to increased rates of rot. Painted surfaces must have their paint films kept intact. This requires that you do not slack in upkeep of all exterior wood surfaces. You will find that even treated wood needs sealed.

Also, salt is highly corrosive. Metals will corrode much faster in areas where they are constantly exposed to ocean air. You will want to choose stainless steel for any metal objects, grills or furniture you leave outdoors and repaint other metal surfaces often. Moisture on your windows will leave behind corrosive salt deposits that can etch the glass. You will benefit from having a professional window cleaning company, such as A-Plus Window Cleaning, routinely clean and restore your exterior window glass surfaces.

Enjoy the Sun

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