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5 Tips to Know Before Remodeling Your Home

Written by Posted On Monday, 20 November 2017 17:47

A remodel project can be overwhelming if you don’t at least have a general idea of what you’re doing. There are multiple mistakes that you can avoid by by using the following tips below To successfully renovate a home.


1. Budget


It is necessary to save enough funds before shopping for the renovation materials. This enables you to avoid debts thereby spending on only what you had planned. A proper budget should have 20 percent more funds than you think you’ll need for unseen expenses that are bound to spring up. You can efficiently budget by planning carefully and talking to those who have finished similar renovation projects before. This will help you compare costs to avoid extra spending. After preparing the budget, you should check in regularly with your contractor to ensure that you remain on track.


2. Do Proper Research


One of the most common mistakes committed while remodeling a home is failure to do proper research. The people around you may have renovated their homes or might know others who have finished similar projects. These might be friends, family or even workmates.


Talking to these people will give you a clear understanding of your expectations. The research should not drive you away from your initial ideas but make them better than they were before. There are various magazines as well as TV shows that can help with the research as they are updated with current trends. The internet also provides a platform whereby you can have the general idea of how your space needs to look and feel after renovation. Currently, experts in remodeling have their websites. Consider those that have organized work sites and also take precautionary measures for safety.


3. Invest in Quality Finishes


As much as trends are significant, your focus should be more on accessorizing and not renovating. Working with this mindset ensures that the renovation is still valuable in the future. It is tempting to care too much about current trends that you forget to think about how your home will look 20 years from now.


Remember the big picture involves long-term maintenance and avoids frequent repair expenses. While comparing prices, consider quality over mere appearances. Quality, however, does not have to be expensive though. If you are working with a small budget, you can still find quality materials that don’t overburden your budget. Also look for opportunities to upcycle and reuse items that you already have.


4. Maximize Storage


A renovation requires de-cluttering and extra storage can make that easier. For example, you should maximize the space available to you in a kitchen remodel. Use what you have avoid extra costs. Kitchen cabinets may already be available all you need to do is paint. But if you’re installing new cabinets, make sure they maximize storage space as well as look good.


A kitchen requires wide walkways which should be at least 36 inches wide. Kitchen islands should also be adjusted accordingly. This too requires maximizing storage. If you are living with children, this ensures reduced traffic in the kitchen which helps all family members avoid some accidents.


5. Begin When You Are Ready


Finally, effective planning avoids rushing. After hearing what your friends and family have to say about their renovations, it is best if you learn from their mistakes. Most of these errors come from rushed decisions in areas such as budgeting and choice of appliances. You should think the contract through and treat the entire project as a business plan that you are starting from scratch.


In conclusion, renovating your home requires a lot of prior planning before embarking on a project. The plan calls for caution and team effort. The above tips if followed carefully will result to a well done project with little or no regrets.

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