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Selling Your Home: Five Home Upgrades to Consider to Increase Your Market Value

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 27 December 2017 14:23

The real estate industry has become quite dynamic. Home buyers are becoming very keen on details before a decision is made to buy a house or not. The result is a nightmare for sellers trying to make upgrades to their homes to make them look up to date.

Realtors and other industry experts unanimously agree that particular home upgrades not only make a house look trendy but also increase its market value. It’s also a fact that a renovated house catches the eye of potential buyers, reducing its time on the market by more than half. Listed below are five top home fixes that increase its market value.


The kitchen is where families spend the most time in the house. It’s where people consider real value in a renovation. When a potential buyer enters a home, their first stop is the kitchen. A complete overhaul would be costly. However, smaller projects can make a huge difference.

Newer appliances, DIY concrete countertops, steel sinks and an energy efficient lighting system would suffice. The renovations seem small but could help you recover you over 80 percent of your investment. Also, newer electrical appliances are eco-friendly and reduce your energy bills by 20 percent.


Even smaller rooms have a significant impact on the houses’ market value. The bathroom is highly prone to floor and wall damage due to wear and tear. To help you save money when renovating, it’s advisable to keep it simple.

Ensure there enough windows to let in natural light and fresh air inside, change shower screens, taps, and shower curtains. Updated vanities, re-grouting tiles, marble or granite countertops are water resistant and give any bathroom a fresher look.


The floor takes up the most significant area in a house it is the first section a buyer would notice. Old tiles, lousy carpeting, and dirty carpets or rugs are very disappointing. Vinyl floors are easily noticeable and buyers will always red-flag them.

Consider having a different floor type for each room. Parquet flooring can be used for the living room since it is highly durable, cheap and easy to renovate. Hand tiles are safe for bathrooms. Let your choice depend on your budget.


Bright and enough lighting make a room look larger. You want a buyer to get the impression that the house they are buying is big enough. Lighting renovations also save you money.

Replace flush mount ceilings with recessed lighting. Install LED light bulbs on the ceilings, lampshades and under cabinets in the kitchen. The bulbs are easily accessible, cheap and are easy to install.

Wall Paint

Dirty walls give the buyers impression that the whole house is messy. Bright walls, both exterior, and interior are the buyers’ favorites. Adding a coat of paint is the most straightforward and cost-effective house upgrade. Freshly painted rooms look clean and brighter as well as complement lighting.

Select neutral paint colors such as gray and beige. They appeal to the most considerable number of people, therefore making your home more desirable. If you are working on a tight budget, start with the houses’ entry walls and the living room where buyers first walk in.

The listed five are just the significant upgrades. Other upgrades including the roof, basement, landscaping improvements also significantly increase the market value of the house. It is recommendable to make this home upgrades slowly, as opposed to doing them all at once when you think of selling the property. Gradual means you can afford them without blowing up your funds. Regular maintenance of the house will also save you some renovation costs.

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