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How Natural Lighting Can Drastically Improve Your Life

Written by Posted On Thursday, 28 December 2017 20:11

Lighting is one of the last things that we think about during our daily activities. Whether we’re working from home or getting off work to relax, we don’t realize how much lighting affects our mood. If the lighting is bad, it can have detrimental effects on us. Statistics state that different types of lighting has different effects on our mood and wellbeing.


However, science always says that there is an alternative to this problem. Natural lighting has been proven to improve health, emotions, and well-being. If you are experiencing issues with lighting in your house, it may be time to switch things up. Here are some reasons why you need to have more natural lighting in your house now.


It Energizes You

Imagine you’re working in a poorly lit office area. We’re not talking about it being super dim, but those harsh fluorescent lights that flicker every so often. This type of lighting has been known to drain individuals, especially when they’re exposed to it on the daily. Natural light energizes us, and gives us the vitality that we need during the day. By nature, humans are outdoor creatures. We crave sunlight, and all its healthy properties (in doses of course). By providing yourself with natural lighting, you’ll see a boost in energy throughout your day.


Mood Improvement

As mentioned previously, our moods can be affected heavily by the type of lighting that a room is providing. While some people say that they may enjoy the dark lit rooms, it is statistically proven that dim lighting on the regular basis can cause negative emotions, and even depression. Opening those windows and bringing in some natural lighting is a fantastic way to improve your mood, and get those positive emotions rolling. Don’t let yourself be stuffed away into a dark corner, open the blinds, and let the sun in!


It Opens Up Your Room

Thinking of redesigning your room, and don’t know where to start? No worries friend, we’ve got you covered here. When you feel like your room just isn’t working out in its current state, and it feels cramped, open the window to see some miraculous results. Natural light can really help bring out the best in otherwise smaller rooms, and make them more appealing to the eye and the mind. Before spending countless amounts of funds on remodeling the room, try this first and see how it works for you.


It Saves You Money

Aside from physical and emotional well-being, natural lighting has been known to save you a lot of money overall. By not utilizing as much lights from the ceiling day in and out, open the window and let the natural light provide for you. If you’re worried about the absorption of heat inside of your home, fret not, for there are alternative solutions for this. Consider purchasing “green” glass interior doors and windows. These windows absorb heat, and stop it from heating up your home, which in turn would drive up your electric bill. A one time cost can save you dozens of dollars in the future, think about it!


It Improves Health

Finally, natural light has many effects on our body as briefly mentioned before. This type of lighting is known to be relaxing for many. If you’re feeling stressed out, take a moment and stand by the window and take a view of the beautiful outdoors. By eliminating stress, you can essentially remove the catalyst for other illnesses, such as high blood pressure, and many more. Your immune system will improve over time and become stronger, thanks to the sun’s natural source of Vitamin-D.


It’s no secret that natural lighting is a fantastic health improvement method that provides so many benefits to our mind, emotions, and body. Whatever you do, avoid the dim lit rooms of yesterday, and do yourself the favor of adding some more natural lighting into your home today.

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