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The Pros and Cons of Choosing Matt Kitchen Cabinets

Written by Posted On Monday, 12 March 2018 08:54

Shiny gloss or flat matt? The finish you choose for your kitchen cabinets can significantly have different effects. So, what do you need to consider when choosing new kitchen cabinets? Is it just about the size, color, and style? What about the finish?

Your best bet? Opt for the matt finish cabinets instead. Matt finish doesn't reflect any light, so it looks flatter than a gloss finish. Also, matt kitchen finish is the perfect choice for more country style or traditional kitchen cabinets that have routed fronts, while gloss is too polished and contemporary-looking for these types of kitchen schemes.

However, matt finishes will also look just as good in any modern homes as it does on more traditional ones, and it appears to be gaining popularity during the recent years. As a matter of fact, matt finishes are now more popular than gloss in Europe.

matt kitchen with a touch of blue

Here are some of the pros and cons of matt kitchen units that you need to consider before buying one:

Advantages of Matt:

One of the top benefits for matt finish is the fact that scratches, fingerprints, and all other blemishes are far less prominent than on high-gloss finish. Then again, this does not mean that you won't be able to see any fingerprint marks on the surface. It just indicates that you don’t see them as much due to the lack of light reflecting on the surface.

In addition to that, the colors that are used on matt finish cabinets can look a lot more uniform and consistent compared to high-gloss ones, since there is no light reflection to make some areas of the cabinet look darker or brighter than others.

dark matte kitchenn

Disadvantages of Matt:

Surfaces with a matte finish absorb light as opposed to reflecting it, which results in a flat, muted look. Since that is the case, you should remember that matt-finish cabinets won’t help to make your kitchen space feel any bigger if that’s what you are trying to accomplish.

Another disadvantage for matt finish surfaces is that they're not quite as easy to clean as high-gloss cabinets are since matt surfaces are not as smooth as the gloss. Even so, they are not difficult to maintain. With the use of a microfiber cloth, you can easily clean matt kitchen cabinets without scratching the surface.

If you want to go for a matt-finish laminate for your kitchen cabinets, be sure to check out the samples before buying because some matt laminates have a texture to them, which makes them somewhat more difficult to clean. Why? It's because textured finish will give dust and dirt more areas to stick to.

country style matt kitchen design

Pro tips for matt finishes:

If you prefer the look of matt kitchen cabinets but are concerned that the whole appearance might be a bit dull and flat, then consider these tips:

I. Mix two contrasting colors to generate a point of interest.

II. Choose a cabinet door that has a simple routed profile in it. Doing so will cast various shadows on the cabinet, creating a sense of depth and interest.

When choosing for new cabinets, be sure to pick designer kitchens finishes to transform the look of your space!

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