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Important Features of Modern Bespoke Fireplaces

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 14 March 2018 01:10

A breath-taking focal point to any contemporary or traditional household are modern bespoke fireplaces. Nothing compares to sitting by the roaring fire, enjoying a cup of hot beverage, and having a great time with family members or simply relaxing to an evening with a good book.

But what are the significant features you should look out for when picking out the ideal fireplace for a contemporary architecture or design? What truly makes a modern design?

Below, we have listed down the most important features you need for your very own bespoke fireplace to ensure that the final result truly speaks modern.

A linear design

The perfect fit with maximum impact to a contemporary style is a linear fireplace. This fireplace has been designed to show longer over the wall projecting fireplace’s rectangular opening.

Dubbed as the “linear” fireplace because you can specify the dimensions by linear foot. For example, 3ft or 8ft or 4ft. Note however that when referring to this type, it mostly specifies its rectangular shape.

When it comes to planning your own linear fire, consider the glass opening. If the glass opening is too narrow, you’ll have a limited view of the fire. At most, it should have an opening of 16 inches, but a 24-inch open works even better, though this would highly be dependent on the design.

This means a major feature to look for is a 16-inch or 24-inch glass opening. But don’t disregard the height at which it will be installed from the floor.

Being very versatile, a linear design complements almost any living space and offers a dynamic, clean view to the lovely fire.

A linear design

Frameless design

The fireplace should fit the home’s style, not stand out of place. And among the today’s contemporary design norms, which are often found in mid- to high-end homes, are frameless doors, windows, showers and even televisions. So, there’s no reason why your fireplace should not also ride on this particular trend.

Presenting a smooth, contemporary look, a frameless design offers the adjacent finishing material to connect to the frameless glass opening, giving the appearance that it’s hanging off the wall.

frameless fireplace

Double glass and heat safety barriers

Safety is of paramount concern for every household. Every contemporary fireplace needs to continually present a clean opening and at the same time maintain a specific safety level.

A double glass solution is cool to the touch and replaces the need for a physical screen. In other words, it preserves a safety level minus the screen. How? By reducing the radiant heat being reflected from the front of the glass.

This has been designed to be uncomplicated during installation and removal of the glass front. So when considering on having a double glass, inquire how long to remove it, if cleaning is required, and how loud is the system.

Double glass and heat safety barriers

Home automation

Maximise comfort without the extra effort by having to automate your fireplace at home. Enjoy a relaxing evening in front of a roaring fire and simply adjust the level of heat according to your specifications with a touch of a button or two.

Home automation

No need for power

Remember the time when the power went out and you panicked thinking you’d freeze. Well, of course you didn’t, thanks to your gas fireplace, which are not powered electrically.

A fireplace that doesn’t run on power is more economical and more reliable, especially during times when you need it most.

The Takeaway

Modern bespoke fireplaces generates a warm, cosy atmosphere at home and also acts are the perfect focal point for a sophisticated ambiance. It’ a striking architectural addition to your contemporary space.

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