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6 Innovative Companies That Are Changing Real Estate

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6 Innovative Companies That Are Changing Real Estate

As technology advances, it is touching every aspect of our lives. The real estate industry is not exempt from these advancements. Technology has come in to bring ease and convenience to the housing and property industry and cut back on time and headaches. This article will discuss some of the modifications existing presently that are renovating the way we use real estate.



In our global society, many of us are called to travel across the country or globe for long periods of time due to work or education. There are times when we do not have enough advance notice or money to break a lease for the sake of travel. Flip was created to help you manage or find sublets in just such a case. Through Flip, you can post and manage your property with detailed profiles. You can also research verified income, credit and rental history of prospective sub-tenants. Flip guarantees payments between renters, minimizing the risk to all parties involved.



Now-a-days there are higher standards for amenities set for housing units than there were in the past. Tenants are quicker to move on to newer facilities that have better amenities which results in higher rental turnover. hOM works to bring upgraded amenities and benefits to basic apartment buildings. Fitness centers, classes and bootcamps along with social events entice the tenants to stay longer which tremendously helps property managers and agents by reducing turnover and the subsequent costs that are associated with it.



Smart technology is rapidly enhancing the way we live in our homes. With just the swipe of a screen, we can manage and monitor nearly every aspect of our homes instantaneously. One real estate related industry that has taken great advantage of the modern technology is the home security sector. One such company, Alder Home Security, has accomplished this through creating sensors that monitor things such as flood, glass breakage, smart smoke detectors, smart doorlocks and doorbell cameras, among other products. This company is dedicated to providing you an enhanced sense of security while you are at home or away.



When buying or selling property, appraisals are a mandatory part of the process. Before any money is granted, the value of the property must be known by all parties involved. Bowery has discovered a way to take the data from public record, comparables and other metrics to produce a fast and accurate summarized report of the property’s value. Bowery allows for more accuracy and fast delivery of essential property knowledge to make the process of home buying and selling more convenient.



Ravti is dedicated to making HVAC management issues simpler and more cost effective for property managers and owners. In the real estate industry, HVAC costs account for nearly a third of the overall budget. It is also time consuming as contractors must often be hired to handle inspections, repairs and replacements. Ravti brings intelligent software to property owners and managers to reduce the costs of HVAC by 18 to 30 percent saving a company thousands of dollars in the process.



Continuing along the lines of HVAC concerns, Enertiv is a company that is dedicated to making those concerns a lot simpler to manage. With Enertiv, you can receive real-time information regarding energy usage at any time of the day or night. Clients can view energy usage from various properties by location with live data and comparisons to prior time periods. It even has weather information which details how energy usage increases or decreases with the change in temperature. This allows the client to make the necessary adjustments that will save them money.


Technology is here to stay and, in many ways, have proven to be as reliable and efficient as we have always hoped it would be. Real estate and property management will notice the added benefits that the latest technology has to provide, saving owners, agents, managers, buyers and tenants a lot of time, money and hassle!

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