6 Social Media "Stories" Ideas for Real Estate Agents

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Now that video is king, real estate agents should develop a live video strategy for their audiences.

Earlier this year Facebook announced that 2 billion people have watched a Facebook Live broadcast since its inception in 2016. And in 2018, the company revealed that Live videos generate six times more interactions than other forms of content. It’s not just Facebook where video is thriving - the introduction of Live videos and Stories on Instagram has helped drive an 80% increase in video views on Instagram.

The overwhelming evidence is that video arrived with a bang, and it is here to stay. No matter the industry, live videos can seriously boost engagement, and real estate is no different. Remember that Facebook Live videos are automatically posted to your page after they are completed, where they will also become available to download. This adds a whole new element to these videos, enabling you to take what you streamed live and edit, clean up, and re-post in the future. Instagram Live videos also now allow you to do the same.

All of these factors can make live and ‘Stories’ options seem overwhelming. If you are struggling to think of how exactly real estate can benefit from ‘stories’ and live video, here are six ways you can get your agency streaming and garnering those increased interactions.

1. Interview experts

Interviews with experts are a popular way to engage an audience. You are giving your followers something of value for free in an entertaining format. The experts can be either from your agency or a well-known industry thought leader, depending on your budget and the tone you would like to set. The expert could also come from a complementary industry to yours - perhaps a local mortgage broker or accountant who can share different knowledge and perspectives. Make sure your expert knows what you want to achieve with the video, what you are going to cover, and that they are comfortable on camera. Make sure to tag their company, name, and Facebook page as well - this will help capture two audiences at once. You can also announce to your fans ahead of time who you will interview and ask them for their questions. This will help secure viewers.

2. Give a peek behind the curtain

As a real estate agent, your clients are looking for someone who is both personable and professional. A great way to show the personal side of your business is to turn the camera to the behind-the-scenes of your working life. For example, you can show your office, your staff, or your daily working routine. All of this can bring buyers closer to you and make the connection between you and your brand.

Another great way to show the behind-the-scenes of your business is to speak to actual clients. Potential customers will be able to see themselves in the people you have helped in the past and understand the human side of the process they are about to go through. If you can find a client who is comfortable with live video, it can be a great way to collect a testimonial in a non-traditional, but hugely engaging, way.

3. How-to guides

How-to guides and general tips and tricks are fantastic evergreen content. This means that no matter the time of year or what is going on in your business, the content will always be pertinent to your audience. Topics could include the sorts of questions that clients will have asked you a thousand times that you could answer in your sleep. Put together a great, structured video that answers all of these questions -  perhaps in a serial format - and there will always be people in your audience who will find them useful. Post the video as a Story continuously throughout the year since this type of content rarely becomes old or outdated.

4. Trend updates

Has something shifted in the real estate or local buying/selling market that you think your clients need to know? Jump on Facebook and tell them all about it. Not only does this help show that you’ve got your finger on the pulse, it keeps an up-to-date connection with your audience. If they saw the headlines break on the news over breakfast, they will be interested to see how it impacts them directly. Giving them this perspective is a huge trust and engagement builder.

5. Neighborhood tours

Want to show off a particularly good, or perhaps particularly misunderstood, neighborhood? Instead of taking photos or writing a blog about it, live-stream a tour of its greatest features. Highlight anything that would stand out to the kind of person who would want to move to that neighborhood: the parks, the bars, the shops, and the local hangouts.

6. Live open house

One study found that real estate listings with a video had 403% more inquiries than ones without a video. A live open house, however, is more than just another video tour. By using Facebook or Instagram (either Instagram Live or Stories or both) you can create an open house that people can watch anywhere, anytime. With commentary and a thorough tour of the house, you can give a potential buyer who watches the video eating their lunch at their desk a reason to buy.

With video and live streaming options becoming hugely important for engagement, it’s definitely a good time to lay out a strategy for social video. These ideas are not exhaustive, but can work as a perfect springboard for content ideas that put you and your business in front of the camera.

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