Moving Out for the First Time: Free Checklist

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Moving Out for the First Time: Free Checklist

Moving out for the first time is filled with a turmoil of emotions ranging from excitement to fear. The new experience of doing everything on your own may feel fulfilling yet scary at the same time. As daunting as it seems, it can also feel wonderful at all the independence you get when you move out of your home.

When you are moving out, a checklist will come in handy to guide you with the process. Here is a checklist to get you started with all the important things that you need to consider before moving out for the first time.

Checklist: Before Moving Out for the First Time

Have you straightened out your finances?


When you are moving out for the first time, anxiety might be the dominant feeling and to feel a little at ease, it is important to have enough money. You must be able to able to pay the rent for the first month plus the security deposit and have also sufficient money to cover you up for a few months during the worst case scenarios. Make sure that you also have the finances to manage the household for the first few months. Do not think about shortcuts on how to move out on your own with no money. It is necessary to be financially sound if not at the least sustainable with the money you have in hand.

Do you currently have a job in hand?


Obviously, when you need a regular source of income, then you need to have a job. You might have a big idea to implement when you move out; it’s all well and good. But support yourself with a nominal job that will help you manage your basic needs till your idea takes off and makes money for you.

You may have saved up some money for moving out but it is essential to have some kind of job that provides you with security in case of a rainy day. If you are moving out for the purpose of your job, then you don’t have to worry.

Have you created an elaborate budget?


No? Then you should probably start with that when you have fulfilled the above two criteria. When moving out for the first time, the budget will help you regulate your flow of cash so that you’re left with enough money for the essential utilities. It might be a bit heavy and requires a lot of calculations, but it will be worth it in the end. Calculate the kind of rent and maintenance you can pay so that you can comfortably live on your own. Make sure to allocate a little for savings monthly from your regular salary and see how much you can spend on all your monthly expenses. Put a cap over your spending when it exceeds a certain amount. Living all by yourself may need you to make a few sacrifices.

Know exactly how much you can put in for rent and how much you can afford to spend so that you don’t go bankrupt!

If you get answers to all the above questions, then you are good to live completely on your own!

Now here’s a checklist that gets you started with the moving process.

Have you found a suitable place to move?


Now that you have worked out from your budget about the rent and the expenses that you can afford, next is finding that right place within your budget. There are a lot of criteria to consider when hunting for a place.

Are you going to live alone or do you want to live with a roommate/roommates?

Is it near to your workplace?

Is it in a locality where you feel comfortable?

Is the place accessible and have good connectivity?

Do you want a fully furnished place?

There is a lot of such questions that you need answers to before moving into a place.

Have you planned your packing?


It might seem like a task that doesn’t require planning, but it necessary to plan your packing beforehand. Pack properly and securely and dispose of the unwanted items. It is best to get your packing started a week earlier than you had planned, especially when you are moving too far off places. You can hire a moving company to help you with the process after researching well about them. For example, if you’re in Australia and are looking for house movers in Brisbane or office removalists in Adelaide, you can always research the local market and pick the best from them that will help in easing out your moving process.

You can even check this article on 3 Reasons to Hire a professional Removal Company for more information


Do you have a backup plan?


It isn’t necessary that your first plan may not work out so well, but to be on the safer side, it is better to have a backup plan. Think about what you will do when you lose your apartment. Do you have any friends with whom you can move with, or will you go back to your parent’s place?

Have you directed all your correspondence?


Make sure to give the change of address to all important memberships and for government purposes too. Tie up all your loose ends before you leave – it may be membership cards for a library or any group, rented videos, etc.

Make sure to get all the answers to the above questions and you will be all set to move out for the first time. Having a checklist while moving interstate in Australia will prove to be much use to get your things sorted out.

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