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87% of homebuyers purchase their new property through a licensed real estate agent.

If you are thinking of purchasing your next home or first-time residence, you will very likely be working with a broker or agent in order to do so. Even if you end up purchasing your home without an agent’s aid, you may interact with agents in some capacity on your path to homeownership.

Many prospective homebuyers underestimate the role a real estate agent plays in the homebuying process. Yet real estate agents are more than mere conduits of information. If chosen correctly, they can make or break your ability to secure your dream home, enjoy the homebuying process, and move into your new residence sooner rather than later.

The real estate agent you want will have several distinct characteristics. Be sure you keep these in mind as you go about choosing your agent.


Communication is key in any client relationship, yet it is of particular importance when it comes to working with a real estate agent. I like to view agents as partners in the homebuying process; a communicative and responsive partner is far more likely to help you realize your goals than one who lacks stellar communication skills!

As you reach out to potential real estate agents, analyze their communication skills. Do they respond immediately to your request for more information? Are they specific and clear in their responses or vague and clipped?

Opt for agents who respond right away to any query and insist on overcommunicating. Exceptional agents will also actively listen to your needs and respond appropriately.

In most cases, it is possible to assess an agent’s commitment to communication within the first few minutes of a phone conversation.


Selecting a realtor or real estate agent is similar to selecting a physician, fitness trainer, or laser surgeon. It’s essential to prioritize candidates who are deeply fluent in their industry niche and experienced to boot. After all, they hold your financial and personal future in your hands!

Your ideal real estate agent will be well-versed in all things real estate, specifically real estate in your community. He or she will be similarly well-established in the industry itself, offering years if not decades of expertise.

It can be difficult to gauge how knowledgeable a potential agent really is. Even an agent who has been in the field for over ten years may lack the type of knowledge and savvy you crave from the person who will be helping you identify your future home.

For this reason, it’s imperative to meet with agents in person prior to scheduling a showing or moving forward in any other way. Assessing a person’s experience and personality over the phone is simply not possible.

You may also wish to ask specific questions about the nature of your path to homeownership. Prioritize agents who can offer you truly actionable advice, informed opinions, and a sense of commitment to your own journey.

Connected and Anchored

Your ideal real estate agent will be deeply familiar with your community, particularly the one to which you hope to relocate. It takes time to get to know a town, particularly when it comes to its real estate market.

For this reason, look for agents who are anchored in your community. These agents will have been in operation in your community for several years or will be part of a well-established company.

These agents will often use word-of-mouth marketing, meaning that you are likely to hear of their names before even searching online. They will also offer market- and community-specific knowledge about the homebuying process, referring you to reputable lenders and providing nuanced advice about navigating your community’s market.


There’s nothing more disappointing than a sleazy real estate agent. Unfortunately, it is possible to run into agents who don’t pride themselves on transparency. It is absolutely vital to work with an agent who is honest in all matters and communications and can guarantee they are helping you navigate your home purchase mindfully.

It can be hard to assess whether or not your agent is being fully transparent with you. However, agents who tend to overcommunicate or demonstrate exceptional commitment to nurturing your relationship are more likely to value transparency at all times.

Agents with high online reviews are also more likely to demonstrate exceptional standards of transparency than those with poor reviews. Spend some time on Yelp and Angie’s List to identify realtors that stand out from the crowd in this regard.


The best real estate agent will view your home selection process as a collaboration, working with your needs and offering suggestions to ensure you feel absolutely confident in your final decision.

This is not a pie-in-the-sky dream, either. Many agents take pride in ensuring that the homebuying process is less transactional than it is an engaging process, with all parties providing insight at every step of the way.

Ask prospective agents about the homebuying process. Do they see it is a collaboration? What can they do to ensure that it is relationship- and need-focused?

Many prospective homebuyers wonder if such a real estate agent exists. Certainly, it is tough to find such an individual in most any service industry. Yet the key to finding the agent you want lies in your commitment to research.

Before you even set up a house showing—no matter how much you may be chomping at the bit in order to do so—be sure to build a hefty, comprehensive list of viable agents. Acquire names via friends, family members, and colleagues and browse online reviews of these agents’ services prior to initiating a conversation with potential agents.

Always meet with possible agents in person in order to assess what they can bring to the table. Face-to-face communication can be revealing in this regard—you should also make note of any agents whose personalities seem compatible with yours.

All in all, trust your judgment. You can always change agents later if you aren’t pleased with their services, but taking your time and doing your research ahead of time will ensure that you start your path to homeownership with the right guides in tow.

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