The Ultimate End of Lease Cleaning Tips to a Spotless House

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end of lease cleaning checklist end of lease cleaning checklist

You may be all excited about moving to a new house but there is just this one little thing that keeps you worried – cleaning your old home at the end of the lease. It may take a little more effort from your side to give the house back neat and clean and there is a big disadvantage that comes with it if you aren’t concentrating on the end of lease cleaning.

Why do you need end of lease cleaning?

Remember the bond money that you had given in the beginning to get this house on the lease? Well, if your house isn’t given back in a neat and tidy condition, then you will have to lose a big portion of the bond money or in the worst case, the total portion of it. Some house owners can be pretty strict with the checking and may charge you a hefty amount if the house isn’t clean. So it is better to give back the house at the end of the lease spotless to avoid any loss of money especially when you are moving to a new location.

Moreover, the money you are going to spend on the end of the lease cleaning may be comparatively negligible in comparison to the money you are going to lose if the owner isn’t satisfied with it. You can also hire a cheap end of lease cleaning company to get the work done if there is a large amount at stake.

Or, if you are trying to do the end of lease cleaning all by yourself, here is a checklist to help you guide through the process.

 End of Lease Cleaning Checklist

Before you start with the actual cleaning, have a checklist with a list of things that you have to do because a lot of prep work is involved with it. First and foremost, plan the cleaning, leaving a lot of slack time, long before your moving date. Remove all the things from your home and keep it empty.

  • Essential cleaning supplies


Don’t forget to get all the cleaning supplies and keep it ready. You do not want to run to the store in the middle of the cleaning just because you are out of cleaning towels.

Keep the following things ready.



Your choice of cleaning product

Carpet cleaner

Vacuum cleaner


Cleaning sponges

Cleaning towels






These are some of the important and basic things you need. If there are any more specific things, you can add it to the list for your use. Now that you are ready with all the supplies in appropriate quantity, let’s start the cleaning, room by room.

The Kitchen


Of all the places in the home, the kitchen is the one that needs the most attention from you. Due to all the greasy things and eatables, your kitchen will be the dirtiest place of all which will be difficult to clean.

Start with the basic cupboards. If you had removed all the things from the room earlier, you can notice a lot of spilled things in the cupboard.  Take out all such things with a dry cloth as much as you can and go over with a wet cloth and some cleaning liquid to clean the cupboard.

Similarly, do the same for the stove and the area around it. A good cleaning product will be needed to remove the grease from around it. If there are some stains that are difficult to remove, use a stain remover to easily remove them.

The next important thing that you have to concentrate on is the oven. We all know how dirty the oven can get. You can buy one of those special oven cleaner liquids to clean the oven thoroughly. If it is becoming impossible to clean even with an oven cleaner, there are specific oven cleaning services available by the third-parties from whom you can get it cleaned.

If you had previously tried cleaning the oven and wasn’t able to, it is better not to wait until the cleaning day and give the oven beforehand to get it cleaned properly.

Next is the refrigerator. Take out all the trays and clean them properly with a soft sponge. Soak them in soapy water for easy cleaning. When you put in the trays back, dry them out first before placing it back in.

Clean the sink and the walls around the stove which may be prone to splashing. Go with a fine-toothed comb over your whole kitchen area when you are done and clean even the small things that are visible to you.

 The Bathroom


Next is the bathroom. Wipe your whole bathroom with a cleaning product and a cloth, especially the mirrors and the cabinets where the dirt will be easy to notice. Clean your bathtub and the corners of it for any residual presence of soap in it.

Check all your taps and drains and see if the flow is proper. If not, you can get a drain cleaner to clean out and remove the blockages. In case if there are metallic things in the bathroom like taps, shower heads, etc, check it properly and clean them with a good cleaning liquid and a sponge.

Wash your toilets not with the usual cleaning liquids, but with specific toilet cleaning products. Don’t forget to disinfect the toilet at the end.

Clean the walls and wash basins with soapy water. Finally, wash the tiled floors and if there are any white residue present in the wash basin or the floor, use white vinegar and lemon to clean it out.

The Living Room


The important thing that you need to give attention to the living room is the carpet. Clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner and try to clean them out. If you have any stains on the carpet that you aren’t able to remove, it is best to hire a carpet cleaner to make it look spotless.

Next, go over the whole living room with a broom and a dusting pan and dust it. You don’t need to use any water as it will be best to clean them when dry. In case it hasn’t become clean, then you can clean them with cleaning liquid. Go over your coffee tables, chairs, cabinets, television, etc and clean them neatly.

 Bedrooms, Dining Rooms and Balcony

In all these rooms, go over with the same process as the living room. Concentrate more on the table in the dining room, the bed and the mirrors in the bedroom and the sliding door in the balcony. Remove cobwebs and clean the switches and the light fixtures for dust.


Clean the interior of cupboards and door handles with cleaning liquid in the bedroom and go over the railing with a wet sponge in the balcony. Wash all the walls thoroughly and if needed, make sure to do pest control in all of the rooms.

 If you are looking for cleaning companies for a portion of the cleaning jobs like oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, and other similar cleaning requirements, make sure that you hire only the professionals for the end of lease cleaning.

When the totally cleaning job is completed, go over your home and do one final audit. You do not want to lose a portion of your bond money just because you failed to notice that sticky cheese on your refrigerator shelf.

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