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Possibilities of Office 365, surely you have already heard about the new version of Microsoft Office in the cloud, Office 365, which you can access by paying a small annual or monthly subscription. This program is installed on the computer and also works in the cloud, resulting in a new mix. It also includes a free version called Office Online. Also, you can Download Microsoft Office For Cheap from here.

Here is a list created by Microsoft, with the best things that most people do not know that Office 365 can offer.

Office 365 possibilities - Several people can edit a document at a time

Several people can edit a Word, an Excel or a PowerPoint at the same time, you can also see the changes they make and who is doing them.

You can use Skype with your collaborators while editing a document

With Office 365 you have the option to chat while you write in the document for greater coordination. Also if you close the document you can continue the conversation from your computer or mobile.

Do not attach the files, add the links

If you upload a file to the cloud you can add a link to it instead of having to attach it.

Office 365 possibilities - Control two data stores from your Android phone

Microsoft has created the OneDrive application for Android. With it you can control your business OneDrive and your personal OneDrive from a single application of your mobile.

Office 365 possibilities - Convert notes into calendar elements

Now you can use the OneNote application within Microsoft Outlook. This way you can convert your notes into reminders of your tasks and you can even send schedules by email to your team.

Let Bing automatically find images for your presentations

Although you can still use the PowerPoint, Microsoft is testing a new tool more similar to PreziSway. This program is linked with Bing, so Bing will read your presentations and suggest images based on the words you are using.

When you write by hand in OneNote with a device that supports electronic ink, OneNote has to make an estimate to check which lines go together. If the result does not convince you, you can easily fix it with the Lasso tool; simply circle an area to edit it or select the ink to text or math options.

Teach your inbox how to decongest

With Microsoft now you can define a series of rules to mark messages as Spam and then by eliminating unwanted emails, begin to learn and start discarding unimportant emails.

Include your signature in your emails

With Outlook you have available DocuSign that will allow you to include your signature electronically.

Turn your mouse icon into a laser pointer

Although it is not a new option of Office 365 and old versions can also do it, Microsoft has also included here the possibility of converting the icon of your mouse into a false laser pointer. You can even do it with an iPad using your finger instead of a mouse.

What do you think about our little-known Office 365 tips? If you have any questions or suggestions write in the comments and we will be happy to answer you.

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