Carpet Cleaning Methods Comparison

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Carpet Cleaning Methods Comparison Carpet Cleaning Methods Comparison Carpet Cleaning Methods Comparison

Looking for a carpet cleaning methods comparison? There are several carpet techniques methods you can use when it comes to cleaning your carpet. The method you select will depend on the type of cleaning your carpet needs and the material used to make your carpet. Choosing the best carpet cleaning method requires a reformed decision after considering all the factors that come with each technique including costs, drying time and the level of cleaning. Here is a comparison of the most common methods and how they are done.

Carpet Cleaning Methods Comparison - the Best Clean for You

Steam Cleaning – Also referred to as hot water extraction, steam cleaning is the most widely used method of carpet cleaning. It’s also the most recommended method by carpet manufacturers. In steam cleaning, very high-temperature steam is sprayed deep into the carpet fibers. This steam breaks down the dirt and fungi in your carpet fibers, killing all the microscopic pests that may be hiding in your carpet. The only disadvantage is that the carpets take a long time to dry compared to other methods.

Dry Cleaning – Contrary to steam cleaning, dry cleaning uses little-to-no water. The drying time is also very minimal. In this method, a powdered solvent is applied over the carpet using a special buffer. The solvent, together with the dirt particles are then vacuumed thoroughly. This method is ideal for quick and shallow cleaning, but it’s nowhere near steam cleaning in terms of efficiency.

Shampoo – Shampooing is among the oldest methods of carpet cleaning. Shampooing involves pouring a cleaning solution on the brush of a buffer and scrubbing smalls areas at a time. Ideally, it’s advisable to scour an area 2-3 times to get the best results. After scrubbing, the carpet is vacuumed. Most of the solutions used in shampooing have brighteners that make your carpet better afterward.

Bonnet Cleaning - This method is almost similar to shampooing. Rather than using a brush, a bonnet is used. A bonnet is attached to the buffer before is dipped into a shampoo solution. The bonnet is then worked on the carpet until it gets soiled. Once the bonnet gets soiled, its either replaced or cleaned and reused. A bonnet is more effective than the traditional shampooing brush. This method has a drying time of around half an hour on average.

Foam Cleaning - This is another method that’s almost similar to shampooing. The carpet is scrubbed using a foam cleaner. After cleaning, the solution is left to sit for a few hours before its extracted using a vacuum. This method can easily be done by anyone, although it’s not effective for deep cleaning

In Conclusion

As you have seen from this carpet cleaning methods momparison, each carpet cleaning method has its pros and cons. The right approach for you will depend on your carpet cleaning needs. When choosing a cleaning method, also consider how much traffic your carpet takes. Some of the methods above are better for a casual cleaning, while others will give you a deep clean.

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