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Can You Boost Workplace Productivity With Better Surroundings?

Written by Posted On Thursday, 13 December 2018 04:08
Boost Workplace Productivity Boost Workplace Productivity

We’ve all experienced that mid-weekslump – that point in the day where your motivation deteriorates and your productivity takes a little bit of a nosedive. But can our surroundings influence our productivity, and give us that little boost of positivity that we need to get through the workload or meet those all-important deadlines?

Improve The Atmosphere

The simple things can make the biggest difference when it comes to improving the mood of you and your fellow colleagues. From the type of lighting to the decor, the aesthetics of an office space can contribute to a positive environment that will maintain that workplace productivity. Previous studies have shown that exposure to natural light is one way to reduce stress and improve productivity.

Colour also has a certain effect on our mood and different colours can emote different feelings. By incorporating colour into a space, whether that’s through the chairs in the meeting rooms to the art on the wall, it stimulates the brain and can have a great impact on the workplace. You can even let your employees have a say in your décor decision making – research has shown that this can boost staff retention by making them feel more invested in their workplace.

Have A Clear ‘Work Zone’

Taking a break away from your desk will always help reset and re-energise the brain but more often than not, a lot of us will skip lunch and eat at the desk. This can be problematic because everything in the office then becomes a work zone. There can be a great benefit to having a break out space that’s just used for lunch breaks and socialising.

If this doesn’t exist, we run the risk of burning ourselves out and that has a knock-on effect on our productivity. Keep those work zones specific and anywhere else should be a place where workers can go for distraction and a moment to reflect. An employee should never feel guilty for somethings that’s a legal requirement.

Flexible Working

If you’re looking for a more flexible, serviced office space, Old Street and the Shoreditch area are the hotspot for them, and they are fast becoming the new trend for workspaces. Proper Office is one company that provides serviced offices for flexible working. Flexible working is certainly something that more businesses are trying to incorporate, especially as many of us want that equal balance between work and play.

Allowing staff to have some flexibility around their hours and where they work will likely help productivity. There was a study in Sweden, where they trialled shorter working days in a bid to see if just as much work could be done. It was found that a lot of individuals were happier and more productive in their roles and even though this was a research project, flexible working is becoming a more popular way forward for many companies.

Improving your surroundings is going to inject more positivity into the workplace and will contribute to the productivity of the staff if done well. So if you want an office space, Shoreditch is a great place to start your search.

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