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Portable Dance Mirrors

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 25 December 2018 08:06

Dancing is an art that is popular among the old and the young people in contemporary society. There have been many improvements in how dance s performed today. It has transformed from being done in the streets to being professionally practiced in special dance studios. Professional dancers either have their dance studios within their homes or they use already established dance studios close to them. In every dance studio, there are conventional elements that must be incorporated to make it comfortable and usable. Having mirrors within the dancing space is a traditional requirement for professional dace studios.  Dance studio owners may install the portable or fixed dance mirrors within their studios. The choice of the dance mirror to be used is dependent on various factors which include the following.

 The availability of space

 Most studio dance instructors do not have personal spaces where they can put up their studios. When they do not have personal spaces, they rent available spaces that are conveniently located. In such locations, they do not need to install permanent dance mirrors since they have rented space. Portable mirrors are suitable since they can be moved when space is required for other purposes.

The nature of the walls of the studio

Due to improvement in construction technology in modern society, many structures are constructed using glass. This means that mounting other materials such as mirrors on the glass walls could be difficult. When dance instructors have such spaces, and they need to install mirrors, they prefer having portable mirrors. The portable mirrors do not require mounting and can easily be moved around a room when they are needed. Also, having portable mirrors in such a space helps to protect the glass walls from damage. Damaging the mirrors may cost the owners a fortune especially if they cannot afford and they are just starting up on their venture.

When there is constant movement

 There are individuals who take up dancing as a full-time career. They are required to constantly practice so that they can improve their skills. With this, it is essential to have a portable dance mirror which can be carried around for practice. For instance, when an individual goes to a new location where they are expected to perform, they may not have access to a studio but have a room where they can put up their portable mirrors and engage in the practice. Such professionals invest a great deal in having mirrors that cater to their needs wherever they go.

When there is not enough space

 Some dance studios may be used for other purposes concurrently. This may prompt the dance instructors to buy portable mirrors to avoid interfering with the activities of other users. The portable glass mirrors may be used as a partition when space is being shared. This way, there is convenience before the dancers and the dance instructors, and they may continue using the space without interfering with the activities of other users. However, in such conditions, since dancing requires the use of music, the insulation material may be required to be incorporated in the dance studio space.

Types of portable dance mirrors that are trendy today

There is need by studio owners to design their studios to look stylish. There is also the need to meet the needs of modern dancers. With this, there are different types of mirrors that may be sued in the dance studios to satisfy the requirements of each dancer and studio dance instructors. The following are the most trendy dance mirror types that are used in the modern dance studios.

Horizontal dance mirrors

 Conventionally, most mirrors are installed vertically in homes and studios. However, it is a new trend to install mirrors horizontally. The portable dance mirrors are placed horizontally when there is not enough space vertically. This happens especially when the studio owner wants to install large mirrors, but the headspace is not enough, they place the mirrors horizontally. Seal mirrors may be placed next to each other horizontally so that they can cover sufficient wall space for the convenience of the dancers and the instructor. Using one mirror may be an inconvenience especially when it does not cover enough space vertically. It is essential for the studio owners to consider the amount of headspace available before deciding on the orientation of the mirror.

Vertical dance mirrors

 When there is enough headspace to the ceiling, the studio owner may decide to install vertical mirrors that are placed next to each other. The vertical mirrors are placed next to each other so that they can cover sufficient space to be used by the dancers. Ideally, studio owners prefer arranging mirrors of the same with next to each other so that broken images are not formed. In constructing this design, fixing them together requires experience, since leaving spaces between the mirrors may be broken images. The studio owners and the dance instructors should consult expert technicians to help in fixing the portable mirrors for them.

Classification of portable dance mirrors

 The movable dance mirrors which are used for a wide variety of purposes may be classified according to the number of panes and the design they have. The following are the common categorizations that the portable mirrors are put into to help the dance studio owners in selecting eh most suitable choices for their studio space.

Single pane Rollable mirrors

From the name, single pane rollable mirrors are those that are made of only a single mirror. The mirror is mounted on rollers and can be moved around the dance studio as required by the dancers or the dance instructor. The single pane dance mirrors are small, and several of them may be placed next to each other to cover a larger space. When only a single pane is placed in a large dance studio, it may not be enough for the comfort of all eh dancers. It is thus advisable that when using the single pane dance mirrors, several of them should be used and placed next to each other. Also, this type of mirror is required when the studio owner does not want to fold the mirror together to avoid damage such as scratching and breaking.

Dual panel portable dance mirrors

 These types of portable dance mirrors are made up of two mirrors panels that are placed vertically. Unlike the single pane mirrors, the two panes are fixed together using special techniques. They are foldable and can be carried away when folded. The double pane dance mirrors may be large or small the choice of the size is dependent on the headspace that is available within the dance studio. When the headspace is enough, the large mirrors running from the ground to the ceiling may be used. However, sizeable mirrors are preferred so that moving them around can be comfortable. It is also essential to come up with a strong roller system that helps to move the glass around. When the glass use is too large, and enough support is not provided, it could topple over and break especially due to accidents from the dancers.

Multi-plane foldable portable dance mirrors

 Many dance studios have multiple dance mirrors fixed together. They are professionally fitted so that they do are not damaged by scratching or cracking. It is essential for the homeowners or studio owners to ensure the multi-foldable dance mirrors are well fitted together for them to last. When there are installation errors, there is a possibility of broken images being formed or also cracking when being moved around.

Tips to observe when buying portable dance mirrors

 Buying dance mirrors that are already made may be challenging due to a difference in size, glass type, and the design. Always check on the following features before purchasing dance mirror from glass suppliers.

The refection quality

 The reflection quality of a mirror is an essential aspect for any dance studio. Having a dance mirror with a high-quality reflection is preferable since it produces high-quality images. There is no dancer who will pay to use dance mirrors that are blurry. They are inconvenient, and the may lead to confusions and lack of comfort for the dancers. Therefore, when buying portable dancing mirrors, always check on their reflection quality. This disqualifies buying the mirrors online as an option. They should just be bought from physical stores so that their quality can be verified.

Fixing the mirrors

 There are special hinges that are fixed on mirrors to allow for easy folding. When purchasing frameless mirrors to be used as portable dance mirrors, it is recommendable to consult technicians who can help to fix the most suitable hinges on the mirrors. The hinges can help in reducing wear and tear if they are properly fixed. However, they can lead to cracking or breakage if the mirrors if they are wrongly fixed. When folding the mirrors always ensure they are folded in the right direction to avoid damaging them, and the hinges fixed to allow folding.

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