5 Emergency Items Homeowners Need In Case Of A Blackout

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 01 January 2019 05:50

Finding yourself in the middle of a blackout is never a cool thing. It always feels as if it strikes at the most inopportune moment, and you are never ready to deal with it. The result is a sense of chaos. Of course, being prepared for this possible eventuality is a good idea and I’ve identified five emergency items that no blackout survival kit should be without.

1. Flashlights

Flashlights are an essential part of your kit. You must make sure that there are new batteries in each one. It is also a good idea to have a flashlight in each room and that everyone knows where it’s kept for easy access. The last thing you want is to stumble around in the dark to get to the room where the flashlights are, so make sure they are within easy reach.

Ideally, each flashlight, such as the Flashlight pro, should be quite powerful so it produces a strong enough light. This is worth investing in quality flashlights so you don’t run into problems.

2. Candles

Along with flashlights, having a number of candles is also a good idea. You don’t need to have them in each room but everybody should know where they are along with candle holders. The last thing you want to do is to sit and hold flashlights, so candles at least give you some light in rooms during the blackout.

You want candles that will burn for hours and there are those that are non-drip. Don’t worry about scented candles as you should avoid filling the air with those scents to avoid any irritation. All you should look for are candles that burn brightly

3. Ice Box

Having an ice box which is ready to go is another essential item during a blackout. Not only does it then provide you with a place to keep some food chilled, but you may also need this for certain medications.

Your aim is to have the ice blocks already frozen to use when required. Also, you know that things will be safe for a reasonable period of time. Plan ahead with the items that you would want to put in the ice box to then allow you to grab them without stressing as to what you should do next.

Remember you have no idea how long a blackout will last. Knowing that these life essentials are safe and not damaged will be a huge advantage.

4. Non-Perishable Food

A stock of emergency non-perishable food along with bottled water should be in any blackout pack. Look at always having enough of a supply for a few days as a minimum due to the uncertainty that surrounds it. Things in cans or dried will be perfect and should always be in your pack.

This food should be things that you can either eat cold, for example crackers, or items that you can warm up. The next item at number five on the list is essential. You are uncomfortable enough with not having power that you don’t want to make matters worse by running into problems with food, or the lack of it.

5. Camping Gas Cooker

You should go to an outdoors store and buy a reserve gas cooker that is used for either hiking or camping. This at least gives you the opportunity to warm up some of the food that you have kept aside for a blackout.

You may want to have a spare gas bottle as a backup to stop you worrying about running out. The cool thing about this type of cooker is it won’t take up a lot of storage space for when it’s not in use. Keep on checking every now and then that everything is working well as you don’t want to run up against any problems later on.

There are a multitude of things that you can have in your emergency pack for a blackout, but the five listed above are real essentials that should make things that little bit more comfortable. Remember that if heating is not working you can always take some blankets in order to keep warm, so that is less of a worry.

Knowing that you have food, medication, and a light source will prove to be the most important thing of all. By being sensible with this entire thing, it will mean you are better prepared for a blackout even though I hope you never have to then use it.

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