How to Move to Another State Alone

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How to Move to Another State Alone How to Move to Another State Alone How to Move to Another State Alone

Moving to a new apartment can be hectic, but moving to a new state can be something else altogether. Whether you’ve just graduated college, or are at the height of your career, moving to a new state comes with its fair share of challenges. You probably have countless questions running through your mind but before breaking out the boxes and shipping tape, here are a few tips on how to move to another state alone.

How to Move to Another State Alone - Only Bring What's Important

Budget and Start Saving

Insurance, shipping and hotel costs pile up quickly. Add a few other moving expenses, and it suddenly dawns on you that moving requires several upfront expenses that can be quite costly. Prepare a budget and a savings plan to cover costs that will help to ensure a smooth transition. Also, keep budgeting and planning even after moving as living costs will often vary from one state to another.

Check What Your Employer Will Cover

Find out whether or not your company will cover relocation costs, and if so, establish exactly what they’ll cover. Some employers will reimburse items such as transportation and travel expenses associated with relocation- especially if you’re moving specifically for the job. If it’s a new job, negotiate with your future employer and ask whether they will cover costs such as storage, temporary housing and realtor assistance.

Decide What You’re Moving

Moving some items might be counterproductive and more expensive. Take stock of everything your own and calculate whether or not it would make more sense to sell some things such as large furniture and electronics and use the earnings to replace them once you move. If you can’t afford to buy new furniture, for example, consider cheaper, pre-owned alternatives online. If you own firearms, you should determine the best course of moving the firearms to the new state.


Anything can happen when transporting your possessions, so make sure the moving company you hire has sufficient insurance cover. Although moving companies will typically have insurance, it also helps to understand the details, so you know what’s covered. There are plenty of moving insurance options out there so do some research and find out as much as you can about each cover.

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