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Places to Acquire Links to Real Estate Content

One of the best things about having a real estate blog is the ability to show off your real estate prowess. Most people enjoy working with someone who is truly knowledgeable in their field. Many Realtors have caught on to the power of having a real estate blog.

A decent percentage of bloggers do a great job creating content but are in the dark when it comes to promotion. While it's true that most agents get the basics of sharing to social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, many don't truly grasp the concept of search engine optimization (SEO).

Without a solid plan to promote your real estate content, besides social media, you won't get very far. You can have exceptionally well written real estate articles, but without backlinks, you'll have a difficult time getting to the first page of Google. This is where most agents struggle.

Over the years lots of real estate agents have asked me where they can promote their real estate articles and get backlinks back to their work. Well, you are in luck because I am going to share with you how a real estate agent get their content in front of more eyeballs.

The thing that is great about these sites is that they are relatively new and not many people know about them. It is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Grab your note pad and get ready.

Promote Your Real Estate Articles on Conclud

Conclud is a relatively new site. It has an easy interface to use. As a blogger, you can post articles with a description and a graphic. What you should do is use the platform as a content curation tool to link back to articles you have written on your own site.

Conclud gives you the ability to do that with ease. The category I would use is "How to." With a real estate article, you can pretty much turn anything you have written about into a how-to article. Here is an example of a post I made about how to prepare for a home inspection. Notice how I linked back to my original article found on Maximum Real Estate Exposure.

All I did was create a summary of the larger more detailed article on how to be ready for a buyer's home inspection. Can you see the power of this? Hopefully, you are nodding your head with a YES!

It is important to put your real estate content in an appropriate category. You don't want your articles surrounded by non-sense that having nothing to do with your content.

Promote Your Real Estate Articles on Readory

Right now Readory is one of my favorite sites to share my real estate articles. It is an simple platform to master. All you do is take the URL of the article you want to promote and add it to the site. You will notice that once you add the link, the site will populate with the title to your article. You will also see a box that allows you to add a description.

It is important to note that when you are curating your real estate content to other sites, you should always change the article title. It is also highly recommended to put a detailed explanation of what your article is about.

Keep in mind you are trying to add value in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Just dropping a link into any site isn't going to get you very far. It is important to be detailed when sharing to various content sharing sites.

Take a look at all of my real estate articles on Readory. Notice that many of these articles come from my site, Maximum Real Estate Exposure, as well as other platforms I have written for such as RIS Media, Credit Sesame, and Realty Times.

Here is an example of an article on dual agency that was shared on Readory.

With Readory you are allowed to share one article every hour. I would suggest adding some of the articles you want to get some traction for when you first join.

Promote Your Real Estate Articles on Collecting Wisdom

Collecting Wisdom is a set specifically for sharing financial articles. They will, however, let you post real estate-related content. You need to make sure, however, that is is evergreen content and not something local.

For example, real estate articles like these would be acceptable:

  • The best tips to save money buying a home.
  • How to pick a home inspector?
  • How to save money on your move?
  • How to prepare financially for buying a house?

You can see the my real estate articles on Collecting Wisdom at my profile. The site is very simple to use. You just add the link of the article you want to share and put in a description. One important thing to note is that Collecting Wisdom only lets you share two articles a day.

Do not break their rules of you will find yourself banned from posting on the site.

Promote Your Blog Articles at The Reddit Real Estate Bloggers Group

The promotion is a little bit different on this one. Many of you reading this have probably heard of Reddit and maybe even used the site in the past. If you are like me, then you probably found it difficult to get any traction with?

What I found was Reddit to be heavily moderated. It was difficult to get any traction as some crazed moderator would always take down anything related to real estate.

You won't find that in the Reddit real estate bloggers group as the whole point is to share your best articles. The site is run by my friend, Luke Skar, who is also an avid fan of social media and digital marketing.

What you will find here is a bunch of passionate real estate bloggers who love to promote their best stuff. It is easy to join. Luke or I just need your Reddit user name. You can reach out with it by email, and one of use will invite you.

With this group, you will create a short post that links back to an original article you've written. Here is an example found at the group on how to pick a lender. Take a look at this article or just see what everyone else is doing when you visit the group.

Promote Your Real Estate Articles on is another popular content curation tool to share articles you have written from your own site. is much more well known than the other sites I have mentioned so far.

You can pretty much find content on most topics at the site. It is used quite heavily but many digital marketers. Want some ideas of how to share your real estate content properly? Take a look at my real estate articles on Maybe looking at how I've done it will spark some ideas on what you can do.

Promote Your Real Estate Articles on Listly

Everyone loves lists right? Listly is a site exclusively for putting together lists of topics you want to share in one place. This is a perfect real estate content curation tool. There are endless lists you can create for your real estate articles. Here are some examples of the type of lists you can create:

  • The best articles on real estate social media
  • The best posts on buying a home
  • The best articles on selling a home
  • The best "how to articles."

You can see my real estate lists on Listly here. You might even want to create lists of your best-shared articles from the sites above. If you visit my profile, you will see I have created these lists:

  • The best real estate articles on Readory
  • The best real estate articles on Collecting Wisdom
  • The best real estate articles on Conclud

Are you beginning to see how you can really take your content marketing to another level?

Promote Your Real Estate Articles on Bag The Web

Bag The Web is a straightforward site to use. You are essentially just going to create a group (they call it Bags) for putting your posts into and then share your content that matches it.

For example, you could create a Bag of the best home selling articles. I would recommend creating at least a few bags. Here are my real estate articles at Bag The Web. Notice how I have created bags for a handful of things that are common to my writing.

Promote Your Real Estate Content on Wakelet

Another relatively new place where you can share your content is a site called Wakelet. Like many of the other content curation channels, it is fairly easy to use. With Wakelet you are able to add a nice visual along with a link to your original content. You can see my real estate articles on Wakelet by visiting my profile page. Sign up and create yours as well.

Promote Your Real Estate Articles at Flipboard

Flipboard is another cool site where you can share things on just about any type of content. Flipboard is included in many sharing tools but you can go to the site manually if you don't use social sharing from your browser.

Flipboard is super easy to click and share. You can see my real estate articles on Flipboard. I share my own content as well as those that I find interesting. Make an account and start sharing your real estate articles!

Bonus: More places to share real estate content. Some of these sites mentioned in the article are defunct but many are not.

Final Thoughts

Again, being found online at the top of search takes hard work. You need to spend time in your day promoting your content. Those that understand the promotional aspect of real estate blogging find the phone ringing far more than those that don't.

Real Estate content marketing is a long term process. There are no magic bullets. You need to work at this everyday. SEO is one of the most important aspects of blogging.

You can be a brilliant writer but if you don't understand the basics of SEO, you'll never truly experience the power of blogging.

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