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While sellers have had the upper hand for a number of years, some industry experts suggest that we are about to enter into a buyer’s market. When this happens, the impetus to make a home as attractive and sell-worthy as possible becomes increasingly important. One way that those selling a property can generate interest in it is to hold open houses or individual showings, allowing interested prospective buyers to peruse their rooms and picture themselves there.


While there are some cases in which the price of a home can be the primary deterrent to a large number of showings, in most instances it is due to the local market simply being saturated with options. Especially if you live in a tract home or a property that looks similar to your neighbors, you may be wondering how to make your space stand out and encourage passersby to give it a second look.


Today, we’re discussing five steps you can take to boost your home’s appeal and schedule more showings. Have you ever said, “If only someone could step foot inside here, they’d surely fall in love with this home?” If so, read on. Getting them across the threshold is the first part, and we’re sharing ways to do just that.


Make the Showing Simple

Agents shouldn’t have to spend time figuring out the logistics of your complicated showing procedure. You can spell out the directions right on your MLS listing. Simply tell interested agents to call first, then direct them to your lockbox. By asking them to notify you with a phone call beforehand, you’ll have enough time to pull together any loose ends and get the home show-ready. Of course, if you’re actively pursuing a sale of your home, it should be relatively pulled together anyway so you can showcase it at a moment’s notice.


A “Call first” instruction notes that agents don’t have to schedule an appointment beforehand or only visit your home during a set timeframe. Rather, it simply asks that you get a little head’s up, but other than that, you can be ready any time they are. This can go a long way in encouraging someone to tour your property, especially if it’s someone who works during normal business hours and can’t go to a showing during the day.


Amplify Your Advertising

Yes, the majority of people will first access your home via the internet. In fact, 9 out of 10 of them will do so. As such, make sure your listing is not only on the MLS website, but also on local advertising platforms including Craigslist and Facebook. It should also be searchable via major real estate platforms as well as oft-overlooked social media websites including YouTube.


The latter is an especially wise place to promote your home if you have a professional video taken of its interior and exterior (which you should). Moreover, you should ensure that the images on your listing are professional-quality, as well. It’s worth the investment to hire a pro to take clear images of your home to reveal its best qualities and pique the interest of serious buyers and casual browsers alike. For an example of how great photography can work alongside a detailed and imaginative narrative to help boost a listing, take a look at this property.


When detailing your property online, make sure you account for the keywords that people will most likely be searching for. This means including details surrounding the number of bedrooms and bathrooms your home has, including its square footage, school zone and year built.


Yet, while digital advertising is essential, don’t discount the power of print. Include your listing in local real estate magazines, newspapers and even flyers distributed to your local community. You never know who might pick one up, and it’s a cost-effective way to get your property the exposure it needs.


Offer a Financial Incentive

One way to get buyers moving is to offer to help foot some of the bill or cover some of the expenses of closing on a home. For instance, motivated sellers might credit a portion of the overall sale price to help with the buyer’s final closing costs. You could also offer to prepay the property taxes for a year, or another agreement that you come up with. Though these tactics aren’t always feasible options, when they are, it can be smart to use them.


Team Up with Nearby Sellers

Do you live in a neighborhood where multiple people are selling their home? If so, consider teaming with them and their agents to hold an Open House Showcase, where interested buyers can peruse all of your nearby properties by foot. Once you’ve set a date and time, advertise the event across every form of media you can, from the radio to the internet.


On the day of the event, be sure it’s visible from every nearby street corner via appropriate signage. At the showcase, offer simple snacks and beverages and make sure your agent is available to help guide tours and answer questions. You may even consider hosting a giveaway or door prizes to encourage buyers to stick around a while.


Standing Out for All The Right Reasons

If none of the above tactics work, sellers will often resort to lowering their asking price. While this can be a viable option in some cases, there are other routes to pursue first that can ultimately land you the exposure, interest and connections you need. The key to getting your home the attention it deserves is promoting it through the right channels and getting the word out via the smartest avenue possible.


Do your research, speak to your agent, and work with your neighbors. Selling a property is often a group effort, and you’ll need everyone on your team to be as invested in the process as you are. From there, you can be confident that your property isn’t just listed, but it’s ready to go live.

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