How to Keep Bugs Away Outside

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The infestation of bugs can be quite bothersome and can even lead to possible infection if they were to bite you. There are numerous ways as to how to keep bugs away outside, but they typically include some sort of chemical cleaner or agent. Instead of taking the chemical route, we’ve come up with different ways you can keep bugs away outside naturally and with simple measures.

Tips on How to Keep Bugs Away - Ideas You Haven't Thought Of

1. Cover Meals and Drinks

Prevent bugs from swarming into your foods by covering them. Do not uncover meals and drinks unless you are eating or drinking them, since bugs come in large numbers when they smell the scent.

2. Use LED Light Bulbs

Bugs usually crowd around lights during nighttime. This may be because of the lights you have. New studies suggest that the kind of light you have can attract bugs. The study recommends LED light bulbs which attracts bugs the least.

3. Citronella Candles

The citrus-like scent produced by these candles is a natural repellent for mosquitoes. Studies reveal that citronella candles can decrease the number of mosquitoes landing by approximately 42%. You can even make your own citronella candles at home.

4. Keep Your Home Clean

Food stains and spillage will also attract bugs. That’s why it’s important to keep all parts of your home clean to avoid an infestation of bugs -- especially in areas like your kitchen or dining room.

5. Onions

Put chopped onion in water to repel mosquitoes naturally. Just like garlic, mosquitoes do not like onions. Position a bowl close to your doors and shake the water to release the smell.

6. Vitamin B

Vitamins are vital to our health, although vitamin B is especially helpful in preventing mosquito bites. It has been said that there is a high risk for mosquitoes to bite individuals with reduced levels of vitamin B. To avoid having low vitamin B levels, you should eat meals such as fish, eggs, pork and lots of vegetables.

7. Baby Oil

Baby oil prevents mosquito bites because mosquitoes cannot breathe when they touch the oil.

8. Garlic

Garlic is a natural bug repellant. Add garlic to your food during the summer, since they will add flavor and they will also help to prevent mosquitoes from pestering around your food.

9. Mint Mouthwash

Mint keeps bugs away. You can also make the ideal DIY mosquito repellant using your everyday mint mouthwash. Pour the mouthwash into a bottle and spray it around to prevent mosquito bites in the summer.

10. Lime & Cloves

Pest control professionals at Absolute Pest Management state that these are natural bug repellents. Cut the citrus fruit in half and stud each half with six cloves. Put these on tables of where you’re planning on laying out food and drinks, especially if you’re hosting an outdoor party or so to prevent bugs.

11. Avoid Perfume

Mosquitoes are attracted to perfume. Thus, avoid wearing perfume to prevent mosquito bites. Go for a perfume which is somewhat neutral. The best way to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes is to avoid beauty products with scents in them. If you cannot avoid them, go for something more neutral to help repel them.


There are many methods one can take to keep bugs away, but they all usually include some sort of chemical repellant. That’s why we’ve come up with a guide on how to keep bugs away outside naturally and by changing up with simple steps in your everyday routine. You can make your own DIY repellant using mint mouthwash, wear baby oil, avoid perfumes, and much more.

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