7 Advantages of Buying a Phone Online

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Are you planning to buy a new phone? Have you decided yet from where to buy it? This article would help you in taking this decision. There are various platforms available online and also offline from where you can buy a mobile phone for yourself. Every platform has their own benefits and drawbacks. But we would only be focusing on the online platforms in this article. You might have heard people saying that you shouldn’t buy things from online stores. But they make this perception because they have encountered problems with one or two platforms, and they blame the whole online market for it.

We don’t suggest you buy a new mobile phone for yourself from an online platform, but we suggest you buy used phones from trusted platforms. There are numerous trustworthy platforms that work online from where you can buy a phone without any glitch. But we would be discussing these platforms at the end of this article. First, let us share some actual benefits that you can enjoy while buying a phone online.  

  1. Detailed Research:

The detailed research includes; checking which phone is better for you, reading reviews about the phones and selecting the perfect phone according to your preferences. If you visit a physical marketplace to buy a phone, you might not know about the specifications of that specific mobile phone that you are willing to buy. There might be better smartphones available in the market with better specifications in lesser prices.

If you do online research on the specifications that you need to be featured in your smartphone, you can find many options at different prices. To find the specifications according to your needs, the first step is identifying your needs. You might want to have the best camera in your smartphone as you are a social media freak and want to upload pictures of the best quality. Or you want to have the best processor with good RAM so you can perform the tasks efficiently and effectively. Everyone’s needs are different and you have to search for the phones that are specifically fulfilling your requirements.

Once you have identified your needs, the second thing that you have to do is to look for the smartphones that have all those specifications that you need or want. There might be tons of options for your needs, but you still have to select the one that is the best.

To select the best one, you would then have to read the reviews of those specific models online. There are many authentic websites available in the UK where you can find reviews about smartphones. Usually, the people who use these smartphones upload reviews about them. Some of such websites are; expert reviews, TechRadar, youtube etc. You can easily access the reviews and read or watch them thoroughly. Some of the reviews can be false, as everyone has the access to write them, and that is the reason we suggest you consider more than one website when checking the reviews of certain smartphones.

Once you have selected the phone that you want to buy, you then have to decide whether you want to buy it new, used or refurbished condition. We encourage you to buy new or refurbished phones, as these both come with a certain warranty. So, if unfortunately, your phone encounters a mishap, you can easily claim the warranty and get your phone fixed without bearing the excessive repair charges. There are many Androids and iPhones for sale available online at cheaper prices on different refurbishing websites in the UK, we suggest you buy refurbished phones from AlphaSmartPhones to avail the best deals.

You have the leverage to do this detailed research if you are buying a phone online. While you don’t have this leverage if you go to a market place to buy a phone.

  1. Numerous Choices:

The online world is full of the great devices that you can get. From size to color, from storage capacity to display sizes, you can find many choices online. Contrary to this if you go to buy a mobile phone from an offline store then you don’t have such numerous choices. Usually, offline stores have selective and limited options for you to buy from.

You can search for any mobile phone and buy it when you are purchasing online. You usually have an ocean of options when you are purchasing a smartphone online, so you don’t have to choose from limited options as you have to in offline stores.

  1. Less Physical Effort:

In today’s era, no one has the energy to physically go to the market place and then search for the phone that you want. We all are caught up in so much work, that once we go home from our jobs, we don’t have any energy left in us to physically go to the offline stores. Even on weekends, we don’t want to do any physical activity as we are too lazy to get out of our homes.

But for the ease of the people all around the UK, we have many online stores from where we can buy smartphones that we want. Buying a smartphone online doesn’t require any physical effort at all. You just have to research the specifications you need and select the platform from which you are getting the best deal from. After that, you can easily purchase the phone while relaxing on your sofa. Moreover, the phone is delivered to your doorstep, so the only physical effort that you would have to do is getting off from your sofa and going to the door of your house to receive your new phone.

  1. Minimizes The Extra Costs:

Yes, this is kind of related to the last point! Not only purchasing online gives you physical relaxation, but it also gives you relaxation in terms of the costs that you would’ve tolerated if you went to buy the phone from the offline market place.

The extra costs might include the travel expenses, parking expenses (if you own a vehicle), food expenses (if you are a foodie, and cannot tolerate hunger while shopping), etc. These extra costs might be minimal but they add up to the price of the phone that you went to purchase in the long run, if you have a habit of going to physical markets for shopping.

  1. Irresistible Offers:

You will hardly find any offer on mobile phones if you visit a market, and even if you find one, the offer would not be so impressive. Contrary to this, you can find mind-blowing offers online that are so irresistible that you will become feeble to ignore them.

Also, on special occasions such as black Friday sale. You might find much crowd in the marketplaces that would prevent you to buy your favorite smartphones. But on these same occasions, if you go online to buy a smartphone for yourself, then you may find even better deals and sales on smartphones than you might find in the market place.

  1. Availability:

There are many smartphones in the world that might not be available at the offline market. Due to the limited capacity and limited demand of certain smartphones, marketplaces don’t usually keep the smartphones that are not high in demand. Also, when a certain phone launches, it might happen that the new phone isn’t available in the offline market. But there are more chances that the latest smartphone might be available online.

You can easily order such phone from online platforms. Although most of these platforms provide free delivery to the customers your phone might take 2 to 3 days to reach your home. If you are buying the latest smartphone and want to be the first one to have it, you can use the facility of express delivery that many online platforms offer and get your phone delivered in just one day. If you avail the facility of express delivery then you might have to bear some extra delivery costs as well.

  1. Warranty:

If you are a smart buyer, then you might always go for second-hand or refurbished smartphones. When buying a second-hand smartphone from an offline market, you might find the perfect phone for you. But you have to keep one thing in mind; everything that shines isn’t gold! You may find a perfect looking phone for yourself, but after you have purchased it, you may find certain faults that are present in that device. If such a thing happens, you wouldn’t be able to return the phone to the previous owner and you would also have to get it repaired on your personal expenses.

To prevent yourself from getting caught up in such situations, we suggest you buy refurbished and second-hand smartphones from trustworthy online platforms i.e. AlphaSmartPhones. Such platforms provide the customers with 12 months warranty and 30 days return facility along with the devices. So if in case you don’t get what you want, you can easily return the device. Moreover, if any fault appears in the device afterward, then you can easily claim the warranty and get it repaired free of cost.

Now that you know the advantages of buying a smartphone online, we would like to share the best places to buy one from. Following are some of the authentic online platforms from where you can buy smartphones without any glitch.

  1. Manufacturer’s Website; i.e. Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, etc.
  2. Refurbishing Platforms; i.e. AlphaSmartPhones, etc.

At AlphaSmartPhones, we provide our customers with a wide range of Android phones and iPhones for sale. You don’t have to spend immense time surfing on the internet to find the perfect second-hand or refurbished smartphone for yourself now. You just need to visit our website and avail the best deals of the hot-selling smartphones and enjoy with the free delivery, 12 months warranty and 30 days return facilities that we provide along with every smartphone. 

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