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7 Lawn Care Tips for the Novice

Written by Posted On Monday, 11 February 2019 08:31

There are three important factors that affect the health of your lawn – the soil, the weather, and the right lawn care practices. Not everybody gets it right, especially if they've never taken care of a lawn before. If you want the healthiest and prettiest lawn on the block, then you need to take better care of. This involves using the proper tools, mowing and watering at the right times, and mulching your clippings.

Of course, you can't control the weather and soil. Establishing a real lawn care practice can make a huge difference on your lawn. These practices are important when it comes to having a healthy and beautiful lawn.

The great thing about these tips is that they cost little money, time, or effort. You should start thinking about caring for your lawn. Here are some easy tips that will make your lawn healthier and greener again. This can save you money on affording lawn services.


1. Mow When Your Lawn is High

Only mow your lawn when it's high. The higher it is, the better the cut will be. This will ensure the health of your lawn. There is a relationship between the depth of the roots and the height of your grass. If you're mowing three inches of lawn, then you'll only have three inches of roots. If you mow your lawn at five inches, then you'll have five inches of roots.

These additional roots will protect your lawn against drought and disease. Think of it as natural weed control that doesn't contain any harsh chemicals.


2. Mulch Your Clippings

Don't forget to regularly mulch your clippings. They can put the nitrogen back into your lawn that you lose when fertilizing your lawn. It also maintains the biology of your soil. The greatest thing about mulching your clippings is that you don't have to bag them and bring them to the curb to take to the landfills. They're going back to nature, where they belong.


3. Water Your Lawn When It's Dry

Remember to follow your town or city's lawn watering guidelines, especially in the hot months. Most lawns only need one to one-and-a-half inches of water each week. Watering your lawn once a week or less can reduce its risk of disease or drought.

When you water your lawn, make sure the top 6 to 8 inches of your soil is completely wet. Never overwater your lawn. The amount of water and time is what's important, not the frequency. You can use an empty can of tuna fish to determine how much water you added.


4. Remember the One-Third Rule

The one-third rule doesn't just apply to art. But this is a different kind of one-third you should be aware of. You never want to remove more than one-third of your grass in a single clipping. Doing so will stress your grass out, making it prone to drought and disease.


5. Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blades

Remember to sharpen your lawnmower blades on a regular basis. Cutting your lawn with dull blades will lead to frayed edges. This will cause your lawn to become brown and dry quickly. It'll also make the grass plant and soil more susceptible to disease. Take the time to sharpen your mower blades before or after you mow your lawn.


6. Remember to Aerate Your Lawn

Proper aeration makes it easier for your roots to grow and develop. This will ensure the life of your lawn. It can also lead to reducing compaction and composition. Aerating your lawn attracts microorganisms to the surface, which prevents disease and breaks down thatch.


7. Vary Your Mowing Patterns

Changing up your mowing pattern can bring new health and life to your lawn. This also makes sure your wheels are not traveling in the same areas each time. This can lead to bald spots, which can create stress and havoc on your grass plants.

These tips should ensure the life of your lawn. Forgetting to take care of your lawn will make it susceptible to drought and disease. Remember to practice them regularly. If you don't want to practice them, then you should for lawn services near you.

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