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How to Remove Salt Stains From Pool

Written by Posted On Thursday, 14 February 2019 12:30

Pools make summers enjoyable, parties more fabulous and swimming is also a great exercise to keep oneself in shape. But having a pool means one has to maintain it regularly as well. Through this article, you would know how to remove salt stains from pool.

How to Remove Salt Stains From Pool - Cleaning Your Pool

What are Salt Stains?

It is not easy to recognize salt stains because these stains are a reaction of salt with some kind of elements within the pool. Many might mistake chalk residues for salt stains since chalk forms a white layer like salt. A prominent sign of salt staining includes a brown stain that won’t scrub off with just a brush.

Though salt stains appear in several forms and color, it is usually a brown mark or discoloration of tiles. The stains become much darker and hard to remove when some kind of metal reacts with salt. These rusted marks have troubled a lot of pool owners and they have been seeking for a removal solution since eternity.


Forms of Salt Stains

Before one goes on with their salt removing exercise, it is crucial to first understand what kind of stain it is and how long or which agents would it take to remove the stain. There are 4 most prominent forms of stains:

  • Organic stains: Leaf stains or algae stains which usually turns green, yellow or brown.

  • Metal stains: The yellow or brown stains on the pool are usually due to iron or some kind of metal. The black colored stain in pools is cobalt stains, which also occurs due to the metal.

  • Scale: The yellowish to brown scale can form on any surface of the pool.


Removing the Stains

A person can buy any kind of salt removing agent from the market and use it to treat the pool.

  • To use the stain remover, first, add a sufficient amount of the removal in a skimmer sock and apply pressure on the sock using the pool broom.

  • Next, use the pool broom and the skimmer sock as a mop to wipe the stains in a backward and forward movement. With this technique, iron and organic stains would be removed in no time.

  • For a manganese or cobalt stain, it might need some pressure and constant rubs for at least 2 minutes. Copper and silver stains would need 5-7 minutes to get rid of those stains.

  • For a scale, it also depends on for how long the scale hasn’t been cleaned. One would be required to rub and mop the whole pool and if not completely, then a sufficient amount of it would be removed. You would be able to see a clear and distinct difference in the originality and the color of the tiles. As a reminder, it would require a awful lot of stamina, depending on the size of the pool.



For people who have been asking specifically how to remove salt stains from pool, you might choose to do it by yourself or hire someone. Whatever you choose, always ensure you are doing your due diligence and researching.

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