Causes of Cloudy Pool Water

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Do you want to know why cloudy water coming out of pool jets? Are you looking for some effective ways to treat this and help your water be clear again? It is not easy to clear a cloudy pool. It can require time and money to get an optimal result. In this article, we will discuss both causes and solutions. 

Cloudy Water Coming Out of Pool Jets - How to Stop It

Are you wondering why your pool is still cloudy? Cloudy water might not be harmful, but it can cause harmful bacteria to grow. Therefore, it is important to address the issue immediately. Also, cloudy water will affect your pool walls and surface. 

Causes of Cloudy Pool Water

With residential swimming pools, a few things can happen. You can blame sunlight, the environment, and poor maintenance. Here are three main causes of cloudy pool water.  

- Pool Filter

The pool filter system is designed to maintain the water quality of your pool. When the pool filter is not working fine, it will not filter the water properly. As a result, your pool water will be cloudy.   You can check the pool filter and repair it or replace it depending on the severity of the condition. 

- Environment 

Some environmental elements can cause a cloudy pool. You can blame bad weather, gardens, trees, birds, construction, sunlight, algae, and people for this condition. The water will be cloudy especially when your pool is surrounded by trees, landscapes, or construction. 

- Chemicals

Pool chemicals can cause cloudy water, especially when you use them excessively. Some chemicals like high chlorine, high pH, high calcium, high alkalinity, can cause your pool water cloudy. Your filter can address this issue slowly. 

What are the Solutions? 

When you have a custom built pool, you’re going to want to ensure it’s running smoothly. If you see cloudy water, you’ll first need to figure out the cause. Once you know the cause, you can design the solutions accordingly. Here are a few solutions:

- Check your Pool Filter 

If you have a cartridge filter, then clean your cartridge. When you have a sand filter, you can consider the backwashing filter. When cleaning is not the solution, you can think of a replacement.  

- Try a Pool Clarifier 

When your pool filter is not the culprit, you can use a pool clarifier. This can be a good fix if you are not using a cartridge filter. These clarifiers will collect all the tiny particles and address the issue effectively. They will bring all the small particles together to create bigger particles to ensure better cleaning. 

- Use Pool Flocculant 

This is a type of chemical used to clear swimming pool. You can expect a fast and effective result while using a pool flocculant or floc. However, you cannot try this if you have a cartridge filter. Floc will clog the paper cleats and will be left with no alternative except replacing the cartridge. Floc will gather all the particles and will send them to the bottom of the pool.  


Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, you might have an idea of why cloudy water coming out of pool jets. Once you know the cause, you can try the solutions above. However, you will have to take extra caution for a cartridge filter. Some chemicals might damage your cartridge and make you spend more.

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