Top Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

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Home Selling Mistakes You Don't Want to Make! Home Selling Mistakes You Don't Want to Make!

The Top Mistakes of Home Sellers

Selling your house is not as easy as it may first appear. For many families that are doing it for the first time, the experience can be overwhelming. Many inexperienced homeowners make mistakes selling their homes. It's easy to understand how it happens because they have no experience to fall back on.

Selling your home quickly is an art. There is a range of factors that should be taken into consideration to avoid the most prevalent home seller mistakes. It goes without saying; you should learn all you can from any friends or relatives who have experienced the process. Leaning on them for a bit of help and guidance is smart.

Have You Really Vetted Your Real Estate Agent?

Many homeowners forget how important it is to have an outstanding working relationship with their listing real estate agent. The truth is even today, many of us still don't think about real estate agents as professionals. Lots of folks just think agents all do the same things. That is not the case at all.

Knowing how to pick a Realtor to sell your house is a critical exercise. It really can make or break your sale.

When you are considering an agent to, it's imperative that they have the right credentials when it comes to selling houses. The more resources a Realtor has, the quicker your home will have a sold sign.

Keep in mind that getting a real estate license isn't that hard. Surprisingly, the barriers to entry in the real estate industry are extremely low, especially when you consider it is usually someone's most significant asset.

Unfortunately, what this means is the odds are stacked against that you'll pick a dud if you're not careful. A careful interview process of any real estate agent under consideration is critical.

It is essential to work with someone you feel great about and learn to rely on their expertise. Think about this for a minute - is the advice the real estate agent you hire bound to be solid? If there are any doubts then hiring this person could be a mistake. The reference above at Active Rain provides some excellent tips for picking a real estate agent.

One extra word of caution - make sure your real estate agent is only going to be representing you in the sale! In other words, do not let the real estate agent practice dual agency. Dual agency is when your real estate agent works directly with the buyer and becomes a neutral party in the sale. When allowed the agent no longer represents your best interests. Obviously, not what you want!

A significant percentage of real estate agents practice dual agency and will try to convince you otherwise. Don't let them! Your real estate agent can still work with the buyer and remain as a seller's agent. You need to insist that this happens.

Getting the Price Right

One of the worst things a homeowner can do is to set the price on their property with unrealistic expectations. Far too often homeowners will set their asking price well above what the market data indicates it should be. Frankly, overpricing is the #1 mistake seller make with their house. It's prudent to listen to what your real estate agent says about pricing. If you have picked a skilled real estate agent, they will know precisely where your property fits into the market.

The best real estate agents have the experience of selling houses every day; you do not. An overpriced home won't sell. Once you overprice your house, you'll need to recognize the mistake and adjust quickly. Here are some solid reasons why you should reduce your house price. The real estate market will speak loud and clear to you. Listening will be what it takes to get your property sold.

Does You Home Have Problems - Get Them Fixed

If your real estate agent suggests you should do some vital repairs, it's probably going to be advisable to listen. A well-maintained home will sell quicker and for more money than one that has not been looked after on an ongoing basis. Remember that the buyer will be doing a home inspection once a deal has been accepted.

The last thing you'll want is a house inspection deal breaker to show up. Do what you can a remedy any blatantly obvious components of your house that are in disrepair.

Make a detailed list of all of the repairs that you need to make. They may only be minor, but making the fixes will add value to your home and make it easier to sell. Here are some smart home improvements that will assist in making the home sale process go smoother.

More that likely you will also be able to put a few extra bucks in your pocket at the same time.

Selling Your Property According to The Seasons

There are selling seasons in real estate. The best selling season depends very much on where you are located in the country. If you live in a cold weather state, selling in the dead of winter might not be the best move. This is something to discuss with a trustworthy agent.

All parts of the country have optimum times for selling a home. Discuss this with your agent when the best time to list your property will be. Don't accept the mantra that anytime is a good time. Lots of real estate agents will say this because they need the business. You will put the most money in your pocket at the peak selling season.

Work with an agent who puts the client's interests above their own.

Depersonalize and De-clutter Your Home

Some sellers believe the need for de-cluttering their property is a street myth made up by real estate agents. This is yet another everyday home selling mistake homeowners make. A disorderly house can really be a turn-off to buyers.

You probably love your clutter, and it is what makes your house feel like your home. That is true, but a potential buyer is not going to appreciate it the same way you do. Removing your things will immediately make your home feel more "neutral" and less personal.

Have You Staged Your House to Sell?

A significant percentage of homeowners do not believe that "staging" their home matters. I am not talking about professional staging but general preparation. To a buyer, it matters a great deal. Staging or home sale readiness is still a much-undervalued concept and may explain why some homes sell slower than others.

Getting your property ready is not very hard to do, and these are some easy examples of how you can stage your home:

  • Make sure that it is tidy and clean.
  • Put some fresh flowers on the dining room table.
  • Don't leave the couch cluttered with cushions. A few color-coordinated pillows will make it look neat.
  • Make sure that all surfaces in areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms are free from everyday objects.
  • Tidy your cabinets and closets - a buyer will look for space for their belongings.

Are Your Listings Photos Outstanding?

Here this loud and clear - your real estate photos will make or break the marketing efforts. There is nothing that will help sell a home quicker or make it sit idle than the photography!

Don't be afraid let your real estate agent know that the photography could be better. You are paying your agent a lot of money. Thanks to internet marketing, photography is what sells a home — the more TEMPTING photos you have, the better.

The photography needs to look inviting and show off the prime features of your property. Be sure to have photos of the front and back yard, but make sure both look awesome first. Plant some colorful flowers or fill planters with seasonal flowers.

Final Thoughts

Don't succumb to the all too common home selling mistakes. Take control of the selling process from the start, and your house should go under contract quicker than you may have first thought. Discuss any marketing changes you think might help with your real estate agent.

Be sure to remember that you and your agent are on the same team. Help them help you. A special relationship with your real estate agent will be a big part of a successful home selling experience.

Other Valuable Real Estate Resources

  • What a home inspector can't tell you - there are going to be things even the best home inspector can't tell you. In the article at ASHI, learn when a home inspector may not be able to answer your question.
  • How to choose a lender when buying a house - one of the most critical aspects when involved in a real estate transaction is picking the best lender. See some helpful guidance at RIS Media.

Use these additional resources to make the best decisions possible when buying or selling a home. Always seek out the best advice, and you will increase your chances of a smooth real estate transaction.

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