Signs of Pest Infestation

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Signs of Pest Infestation Signs of Pest Infestation Signs of Pest Infestation

One of the best ways to effectively deal with pest infestations is to intervene early. If you are unsure if there are pests in your house, there are some signs of pest infestation you can look out for. Taking prompt action requires you to know some of the signs of pest infestation. Below are some signs to take notice of to determine if there is an infestation in your home.

Signs of Pest Infestation - Identify What Pests are Present

Pest Droppings

Pest droppings are a classic sign of an infestation. Check your premises for urine trails or fecal droppings. Bear in mind that some waste, such as those of mice and rats can be easier to spot than waste from smaller pests such as bedbugs. Carry out a thorough examination of your home and be sure to examine all furniture, bedding, walls and floors for any evidence of pest droppings.

Physical Damage to Structures

Look out for structural damage to your building such as gnaw marks or holes. Mice and rats love chewing, so gnaw marks on wiring and furniture is a clear indication of an infestation. Small holes in walls or floors are also a sign of an infestation. Also, be sure to look out for damaged wood, such as outdoor wooden decks and furniture, which is a major indicator of a termite infestation.

Damaged Plants

Check for gnawing on the edges of outdoor garden plants or grass blades as well as insect trails. Damaged patches of lawn such as brown dead patches or uneven length of grass can also indicate an infestation. If your yard or garden starts to show signs of an infestation, the common culprits could be voles, moles, grubs, flies, crickets, beetles or other pests.

Evidence of Nesting

Rodents will make nests out of whatever they can find, ranging from leaves and grass clippings to shredded paper. They like to nest in hidden places such as between walls and underneath flooring. As such, you need to perform thorough inspections regularly for signs of infestation.

Grease Tracks and Grease Marks

Grease tracks and grease marks often point to a rodent infestation, as rats and mice like to travel by the same paths, leaving visible greasy trails. Rats are notorious for running along walls, often leaving dark oily spots wherever they go.


Pests rarely make noise, but they’re by no means silent. Listen carefully at night as that’s when they’re most active. Pay attention to the ceiling, especially if you have an attic or any other location with crawl space. If you are able to hear light taps or steps, this may mean they are present behind your walls.

Bottom Line

The truth is, pests have perfected the art of hiding. If you’re not observant, you could be living with pests long before you realize they’re taking over your home. However, there are many signs of pest infestation that you can look out for that could indicate a larger problem or infestation. Spotting the signs early can protect your home from extensive damage.

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