Do Roof Shingles Fade Over Time?

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Do roof shingles fade over time? Like any other element of our homes, our roofs also go through their fair share or wear and tear. We need to bear in mind that roofing materials often have to face the various elements of nature such as possible UV radiation from sunlight and also damage caused by moisture and wind. This leads to the fading of the roof shingles over a period of time. The bright color gradually gets leached away. Hence, it would be interesting for you to have some idea about the way in which it happens. This will help you to take proactive steps and keep the shingles in good shape for a longer period of time.

Do Roof Shingles Fade Over Time? - What Causes This?

Roof shingles do fade over time due to various natural elements that it is exposed to such as wind, moisture, UV radiation from sunlight, and much more.

How Do Asphalt Shingles Fade?

There is no doubt that asphalt shingles do fade not only due to bad roofing jobs or simply natural elements, but there could be variations in the rate at which the color fades. The shades, in particular, tend to become duller when compared to newly-installed ones. Shingles that are dark gray in color will eventually become light gray in color and that will happen quite easily. Hence, many people prefer having shingles of lighter shades. While shingles have a tendency to fade in uniform degrees, it may not always happen that way. You could come across uneven fading of shingles because of weather, spots of shade and the position in which your house is located. When you replace a part of the shingles, you will certainly have two different colors and shades. The old ones will look a bit dull and lighter in shade whereas the new ones will obviously be brighter.

Metal Roofing

We should also keep in mind that metal rooftops always have coatings. That helps it to have more color and also protects the shingles from rust and dirt. However, the coatings also tend to wear off with time and the degree of wearing off would depend on the resistance levels of the metal against roof fading. While many roof paints come with 10 to 40 years of warranty, you have to do your research and choose the right paint. You also need to bear in mind that metal roofing could be subject to chalking if the paint is not of the best quality or if they are exposed to an environment that is harsh. This is all the more true for brighter colors. Hence, the rule of the thumb is to stick with lighter and more natural collars as much as possible.

Weathering And Slate Roof

Slate roof material has a tendency to stick with the natural color of the stones. They also weather in different ways compared to asphalt and pain. When you decide to go in for slate roof, you can be reasonably sure that the new gray color will over a period of time change to an earth tone. When you decide to buy slate, you come across different shades. This is offered to help you to give you the freedom for controlling as to how much weathering you want.

The Final Word

So, do roof shingles fade over time? Roof shingles do fade over time, and you should consider clay shingles for that reason. These are known to retain their original color and shade for a much longer period of time. Apart from looking good, quality shingles also play a role in improving the overall efficiency of the roof especially during rain and other natural occurrences.


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