Gutter Cleaning Tricks

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Gutters are an essential part of your home that help change the direction of the runoff water on your roof to the downpipes. Unfortunately, gutters are a great place for the buildup of dirt, leaves, grime, and other debris which can prevent them from working properly. So, it's important to clean your gutters regularly to remove this dirt and debris. Here are 6 gutter cleaning tricks you can use to make the job easier and safer.

Gutter Cleaning Tricks - 6 Tricks to Keep in Mind


1. Use PPE and the Right Tools for the Job


Before you start cleaning your guttering, it's important to ensure you have the right tools, personal protection equipment to protect yourself, and know the gutter cleaning steps. The there following are some of the tools that you'll need to make your job safer and easier.


- PPE - These include non-slip boots with rubber soles, eye protection equipment, and waterproof clothing.


- A pressure washer with its attachments for removing organic build up and stubborn debris.


- Hand brush and hard-bristled broom and hand brush for loosening the debris


-Green waste bags for collecting the debris such as leaves and moss that you remove from the gutters and the roof.


- A sturdy ladder to access the roof. If your house is a single story, a pressure washer attachment will suffice.


- A cleaning solution to break down the stubborn leaf-litter, grime, and dirt. Make sure it's safe for your gutters.


2. Clean the Roof First


Most debris and dirt in your gutters usually comes from your roof, so it's a good idea to start cleaning your roof first. You can use a blower or a hard bristled brush or to remove the loose debris and dirt on your roof and bag them up. A brush will also loosen and remove any moss on your roof to prevent from falling into your gutters during the rainy season. While cleaning your roof, inspect your gutters for any splits or cracks and ensure that the fastenings are tightly in place.


3. Clear the Debris by Hand


Your guttering will most likely have a pile of decomposing leaves, branches, small plants and moss that has built up over time. You don't want to remove this by pressure washing as it'll end up blocking the drains and downpipes. Instead, scrape and scoop most of it using a hand trowel and bag it up.


4. Select a Good Cleaning solution


A multi-purpose cleaning solution is essential for loosening up any stubborn deposits. It also helps to lubricate the dirt so that it can be easily washed away by pressure washer.


5. Clean the Downpipes


After cleaning your gutters, it's important to clean the downpipes too. This will prevent blockage that may lead to improper drainage of the water run-off from your roof. One way to suspect blocked downpipes is when you see water spilling over your gutter edges when it rains. Keeping the downpipes clean and clear will help your guttering work efficiently.


6. Clean the Drains


Lastly, when cleaning your downpipes, don't forget the drains. To begin with, remove any debris from the drain cover and remove the grill. Then dig out any litter or soil in the drain using a hand trowel and pour in a drain cleaner. You can also use a pressure washer to unblock your drains.


Hopefully, the gutter cleaning tricks will make your work easier and safer and keep your gutters clean. Make sure you always practice safety when cleaning your roof or gutters.

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