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Handicap Toilet Seats Features With Handles

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Handicap toilet seats are innovations that keep life for disabled people easy and convenient. When looking for toilet seats, it is important to keep in mind the person’s condition and if the features suit him or her well. Here are some of the important things you need to consider before purchasing handicap toilet seats.

The Condition

Base your purchase on your condition or the disabled person’s condition. Important things such as the person’s weight, mobility and stability must be thought of carefully.

  • Weight – this is an important issue especially for disabled people who are obese or overweight. The toilet seat must be able to take your weight or the disabled person’s weight. Certain manufacturers cater to this need, in fact, a company offers toilet seats that can support and take an 800-pound person. This removes the worry and the discomfort brought about by sitting in a toilet that cannot take one’s weight. Furthermore, these handicap toilet seats provide a safety measure preventing overweight or obese people from falling.
  • Mobility and stability – Is there difficulty in movement? Is stability an issue? These are important questions to keep in mind because these determine the person’s safety while using the toilet. There are a lot of reported cases of trauma and falls as a result of mobility and stability problems while using the toilet. Handicap toilet seats must be able to support the person even if his/her state of mobility and stability is altered. Toilets that are situated high enough for the person’s height makes it easier to get on and get off the toilet. Toilet seats made with durable plastic and a sturdy design provide the needed stability for handicap people with the same problem.

Features You Should Be Looking For?

  • Raised and Elevated Toilet Seats

Handicap toilet seats that are ergonomically designed have a higher height than the usual toilet seat. This design makes it easier for you or a disabled person to sit and get off of the toilet. If the toilet seat is too high or too low, adjusting is also possible. This is through adding toilet seats that increase the height by 3 inches; installation of the toilet seat does not require the use of any tools or equipment. Maddak Inc. offers this type of toilet seat for handicapped people.

  • High Quality and Durable Materials

Handicap toilet seats must be made of high quality, durable plastic. Plastic is the material of choice since it is more comfortable, it is easier to install, and it does not rust, crack or chip off. High-quality plastics usually last for years; therefore it is fit for long term use. Choosing plastics with a good finish is also an added advantage; plastic toilet seats with a quality finish are easier to clean and leave fewer stains than the conventional plastic toilet seats.

There are actually many choices that fully fit every patient’s needs. Choosing the handicap toilet seats with features that fit a disabled person’s condition provides them with ease, comfort, and dignity they deserve.

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