How digital marketing is a psychological game?

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Have you ever thought about the relation between digital marketing and psychology? Well if you haven’t, then we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the relationship between these two!

Digital marketing has always been a psychological game. How is that possible? There are certain traits about human minds that attracts them to the piece of content that is more appealing to them. This piece of content can be built around certain writing techniques or certain colours that are appealing to a human mind. Well this relation is not as simple as it sounds, as you have to deeply study about this relation to create the content that is the most appealing to your audience.

Well we can point out the most useful psychological tactics that you can use in your digital marketing and SEO services.

  1. Emotional Ideas:

Emotions are something natural for every animal living on this planet. Humans being the most intelligent ones, they are the most vulnerable towards emotions. Try embedding emotional ideas in your marketing techniques. This would work like wonder for your business. Even if the emotional idea seems gibberish to you, it might engender certain emotions in your audience.

When you target the emotions of the other person, then you can easily win his/her trust easily. You have to master the game of audience’s mind before you can try any marketing strategy. Triggering emotions in the mind of a human brain is the most complicated process but you can easily achieve it by performing a thorough study.

  1. Highlighting Flaws:

No, you don’t have to highlight the flaws of your competitors, rather you have to highlight your own flaws in front of your target audience. What would this do? This strategy would build up the credibility of your brand in front of your target audience. This strategy shows that the brand is well aware of its own flaws and it would do whatever it takes to minimise these flaws for the convenience of its customers.

Many of the well-known brands use this strategy across the globe. This strategy builds up the credibility of the brand instantly. People these days are aware of the flaws in every business and the fact that you are marketing these flaws generate a feeling in the customers that this brand is honest. This honesty will generate the leads and revenues that you always wanted.

  1. Be Personal:

Customers always love the brands that they can relate to! You can build your marketing strategy while being more personable with your target audience. You have to study in depth about your target audience and then plan the strategy according to the certain type of people that are your potential customers.

  1. Giveaways:

Yes, giveaways are one of the best tactics that can be used by the brands to attract the audience psychologically towards their brand. You don’t have to reward every customer you get, but you can do this to reward some of the customers on the basis of lucky draws or surprise gifts. Alternatively, you can have a fixed ratio reinforcement schedule. The issue in fixed ratio reinforcement schedule is that people are not always motivated to order repeatedly from a brand just to get the reward on every 5th or 10th purchase.

On the other hand, the random giveaways prove to be the best for brands as people are always curious about their luck and if they can get the reward or not.

  1. Activate Senses:

As human beings, we have different senses that work individually and collectively according to the medium. These senses trigger certain emotions in the human brain. Planning and implementing digital marketing and SEO services around the activation of these senses is the most helpful for any business. These senses might include sight and sound.


Visually appealing ads, brochures, commercials, etc. always attract the audience more than the ones that are simply bland. Not only do the ads, brochures and commercials should be designed or directed properly, but you have to use this technique in the website of your brand as well.

The most common factor in the visuals is the colour psychology. Colour psychology actually proposes that human minds are attracted more towards certain colours than the others. This is the reason that brands have to study the colour psychology before designing their ads. Moreover, colour psychology doesn’t have a common rule for all, rather it also proposes that if some colours are more appealing to some group of people, at the same time they might be the least appealing to another group. This depends upon your target audience, you have to determine the age group, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. of the target audience before you can successfully implement this strategy.


Just as the visuals, sound is another major factor that can appeal your target audience successfully. Brands usually compose jingles for their TV and online commercials. This is the best tactic so far. The game behind the sound is that you have to trigger some emotion in the minds of the audience. No matter if, it is an appealing emotion or an irritating one, the goal that you should have is to trigger some/any emotion through the sound used in your ad or commercial.

This would actually help people in remembering the ad of your brand. Remember, the intensity of emotion is directly related to the popularity of your brand. You just have to make your brand the centre of every discussion. Many brands have gone viral just because their commercials triggered intense emotions in the minds of the audience.


Both conventional and digital marketing have been a psychological game since ever! Brands always use certain tactics to play with the psyche of the target audience. These strategies based on the customers’ psychology prove to be the best one for the brands. As we discussed earlier, you have to trigger an emotion in the minds of the target audience in order to engage them with your brand. Performing this thorough research yourself can prove to be a gruesome experience. This is the reason that the best way for you here is to opt for professionals that can easily provide you with the digital marketing and SEO services based on psychology. These professionals know about certain tactics, and they can generate the leads and revenue for your business that you always wanted.

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