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Why Is a Checklist Important for End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 21 May 2019 09:11

Running an apartment or a property for lease is a very profitable business. It can drive a lot of profit, especially if you are keeping track of things properly. You should maintain the recording of the rentals, deposits, and other fees associated with the lease. One of the biggest challenges for lessor is when a tenant is about to end the contract and don’t want to renew it anymore. On this circumstance, the lessor would need to ensure that everything in the property leased is in good condition and free of any form or damage.


The tenant should follow all the stipulations listed in the contract of lease, including the agreement about the security deposit and deductions. In order to facilitate this, you should conduct the end of tenancy cleaning. When doing this, make sure to follow a checklist so that you will not miss anything. Sometimes, when you are running around and too busy with so many things, you will forget some things. If you have a checklist, you will have something to follow when doing the check. You can go through the list one by one to ensure that everything is in good condition after the end of the tenancy.


Another reason why the checklist is important is for you to easily put a remark on each of the items or parts of the rented space listed. You can keep track of the severity of the damage, and you can access the deductible amount due to you. Once you have it, you can then discuss it with the lessee and finally arrive at the final deductible amount from the security deposit.


With proper inventory and checklist, it will also give your lesse an idea that you are very fair and truthful with the way you conduct your business. If they have questions regarding the security deductions, you can easily point out and prove the damages sustained in your property through the accomplished checklist. The inventory will serve as one great proof of the damage because it is done immediately after the end of the tenancy.


When you conduct end of tenancy cleaning and inventory, it will also help you to easily convey the property to the new lessee that you have. You can use the same checklist or inventory list that the lesse could accept upon signing of the contract. The process of the transfer will surely be very convenient for you and for the new tenant.


End of tenancy cleaning checklist is very easy to prepare. Just go to your property and check it area by area. You can then identify the things that you need to include in the checklist. Once you develop it, it is the same document that you can use every year, unless there is additional stuff in your property. There are also some checklists that you can find online to make the process easier. Just check out some good sites that would be helpful to lessor and landlords like you.

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