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How to Prepare for a Window Installation

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 12 June 2019 10:28

It may be hard to believe, but even windows need an upgrade -- especially in older homes. In order to maintain it’s insulation and appearance, it is a good idea to install new upgraded windows in your living space. Once you’ve decided to do so, knowing how to prepare for a window installation can help you plan for the new routine you may need to pick up for the duration of installation.

How to Prepare for a Window Installation - Key Tricks to Know

Don’t know how to prepare for a window installation? Prepare a decent amount of time for the installation to take place, remove all window accessories and more.

Installation Takes Longer Than You Think

Windows don’t just pop out with a push. Taking out each window one by one and prepping the area for a new window is time consuming and needs caution, and the window style that you chose may take longer. Most cases would only take up to 3-4 days, but larger homes and two story homes will take much longer. Plan for about a two week installation if that is your situation.

Remove All Window Accessories

Take down any drapes, blinds, rods, tassels or anything else that ornaments your windows. Clear the whole space around it as well. If there is any bookcase, couch, side tables or lamps near the working area, move them out of the way to give the workers space for their work and equipment.  

Clear A Path

Installers will need a clear pathway with no obstacles for their constant foot traffic and large equipment. Make a pathway from each entryway to the work area so that the team has easy access in any route that may work best for them. The easier you make it for them to move things in and out of the house, the faster and more efficiently they will work.

Keep Pets and Kids Safe

It is highly recommended that kids and pets are relocated for the duration of the windows installation. There will be a lot of dust and heavy equipment that just are not safe for kids or pets to be around.

Dust Covers

Unless you plan on moving all of your furniture out of the house, dust covers are probably necessary. Be sure that you have enough dust //">covers for all of your furniture because the dust is fine and can be caught in couches, chairs, table clothes, etc.

Schedule Installations During the Fall or Spring

The last thing you want to do is schedule a window replacement during the seasons that you will be running your heater or air conditioner. The seasons that have the best midday weather that you would normally have your windows open for any way are the best time to schedule the installation for the windows of your choosing.

Have Someone Home

If someone is home during the days of installation, then there won’t be any risk of entry problems. If you aren’t able to stay home, make some kind of agreement with someone who will stay in your home and open the doors and let the team out. You can always leave a key with the installer, however they will need to know the codes to your alarm system to disarm it when they start work. Another option is to ask if they can come before you have to go to work and leave after you come back home. That way, you can let them in and out while still being able to attend work.

Bottom Line

How to prepare for a window installation is easy as long as you’re mindful of your installing team. Make their job a little easier by giving them a cleared out workspace and easy access from their equipment to your living space. They are already doing all of the literal heavy lifting and hard work. The least you can do is take the curtains off and let them in without any trouble.

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