Why it's Worth Getting a Solar Panel Installation in Dallas

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Going green, being an eco-warrior, helping to save the planet – these things are all 21st century phrases you cannot afford to forget. Along with tasks such as recycling and reducing your carbon footprint when travelling, one of the easiest – and rewarding ways to make a difference is to have solar panels installed by experts like Solutions for Solar in your Dallas home. After all, there’s definitely no shortage of sun!


The top benefits of getting a solar panel installation if you live in Dallas

You save money!

Because you are using the power produced by the solar panels to feed your home’s electricity supply your power bill will be drastically reduced. Imagine being able to run the air conditioning without worrying about huge utility charges. The amount you could save obviously depends on how many solar panels you have installed, and your average power usage, but it should definitely be substantial.


Even better, some Texas power companies offer rebates to homeowners who choose to harness solar power; these won’t last forever but they are a great source of extra cash if you can get them. Oh, and did we mention the federal tax credit of 30% for those installing solar panels in 2019!


Your home gains value

Who wouldn’t like to make use of this kind of benefit? Not all home improvements add value worth talking about, but there’s plenty of research that suggests the average family home gains around $15,000 in value after solar panels are installed. They could also be the key extra that makes your home more attractive to buyers than others on the market without the same power saving benefit.


Even better, Dallas residents also get to enjoy a 100% property tax exemption on this added value, so there’s no extra tax bill to outweigh the financial benefit gained.

You are making a huge difference to the environment

Of course, reducing power bills is always an attractive thought, but as well as this direct benefit there’s the secondary reward of knowing that by installing solar panels in your Dallas home you are creating a seriously positive effect on the environment. Unlike electricity solar panels produce no carbon dioxide or any other harmful emissions, and the only real effect they have on the water supply is the little used for periodic cleaning.

Solar panels can do more than provide electricity

Alongside producing power, solar panels can also produce electricity which is used to heat water. Those living off-grid may depend on solar power for both power and hot water, and also sometimes for clean water too as the energy produced is sometimes also used to distill water in certain areas.

These are the main reasons why it's worth getting a solar panel installation if you live in Dallas. They are usually installed really quickly, and with no ongoing maintenance costs, (bar cleaning once a year or so) once purchased they instantly begin paying for themselves.

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