6 Best Hampton Style Homes ideas

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Hamptons style homes are a perfect fit for Australia due to their beachy, relaxed vive. They work well with our natural landscape, complementing it beautifully and allowing for an open design that can incorporate the outdoor surroundings into its aesthetics.
If you love interior designs that are minimalist in nature yet radiate a luxurious feel, make sure you read till the end of this article to check out 7 Hampton style home ideas that will have your home looking and feeling like a lavish vacation home!

What is Hamptons Style & Where Does It Come From?

Inspired by the original summer houses that sprang up along the coast of South Fork, Long Island in the 1800s, Hamptons style homes feature a regal aesthetic unique to classic New York architecture. You can think of them as the American answer toVictorian homes that emanate wealth, luxury and sophistication.

While it’s true that Hampton style homes have made its way to the hearts of Australian interior designers and homeowners, you might not be too sure about to recreate this look in your very own home. If you want to nail this classic Hampton style in your home, here are 7 ways you can achieve it!

Minimalist Design
The beauty of Hampton-style interior design lies in its majestic simplicity. To achieve this, follow the principles of “less is more” and “bigger and better”. Instead of crowding up your space with many, smaller decorative items, think of bigger, taller statement pieces of furniture.
Pannelled Walls
Pannelled walls create a style of visual interest that is perfect for Hampton style homes - minimalist in nature yet bold enough to add to its splendour. They also help give your room a sense of height and space.

Neutral, Coastal Colours

Go for beachy tones like sea greens and navy blues to add a splash of colour to a neutral palette. This is one of the foundational elements to a Hampton style home. For your walls, sofa or any other large piece of furniture, stick to whites as it will help you create a sense of luxurious space and airiness.
Larger, Taller, Quality Furniture
Oversized furniture will add to a Hampton style home’s grandeur. Think big, cozy sofas and window treatments like curtains or plantation shutters that cover the height of the wall. These will give your home a sense of space and added height.
Large Mirrors
When it comes to creating a sense of openness and space, mirrors are your best friends. Carefully placed, mirrors will reflect just enough natural light into your home to double up on the open and airy feel that is a hallmark of Hamptons style homes

Soft Textures
Beyond space, luxury and airiness, the Hampton style home embody both comfort and coziness for the ultimate holiday feel. Choose softer textiles for curtains, rugs and cushion covers to incorporate a sense of ultra-coziness.
Experiment With Prints
Fine prints make the perfect finishing touch to a Hampton style home, but only if used sparingly. A great tip to stick by - so that you don’t go overboard - is to use no more than three colours. Also, to use them only where your space could use some detail.

Keep these tips in mind if a Hampton style home is what you’re after. However, don’t use these as hard and fast rules, but rather as guidelines to follow as you experiment with this theme so you can express some of your individuality and create something more fresh and unique. While you’re at it, don’t forget to have lots of fun!

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