Quick Garage Organizing Tips

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According to numerous research findings, the garage is one of the most cluttered and disorganized spaces in any home. If you rarely have space in your garage to store your tools, let alone park your vehicle, then you can benefit from a few quick garage organizing tips. Here are a few tips to organize and declutter your garage and gain more space.

Quick Garage Organizing Tips 

A few quick garage organizing tips include making a plan, getting everything out of the garage, sorting through your items, taking inventory and more. 

Make a Plan

Before starting any cleaning project for the garage, your office, bedroom, make a plan for cleaning the space. Cleaning and organizing will take a couple of hours so remember to allocate enough time for the entire cleanup. You can seek help from other family members and friends and assign jobs. A plan will help you to stay on task and on time for completion.

Get Everything Out of The Garage

One of the most effective ways to organize your garage is to take everything out of the garage and clean every inch of space. Consider giving the floor a fresh coat of paint to make cleaning easier and help to prevent mildew. You can even fix up your garage during this step. 

Sort Your Items

Go through every item and declutter before putting them back and sort them out into three main piles: keep, dispose and donate.

Take an Inventory

List all the items you’ll be keeping and storing in the garage and start to plan out different zones where you’ll store the items. Focus on frequency of use and convenience. For instance, keep frequently used items within easy reach at eye level instead of high up.

Categorize Your Items

Group similar items like trays, rollers and paint brushes together for quick-finding on a shelf or cabinets, for example. If you’ll be storing some items in containers, don’t forget to label them.

Maximize Wall Space

Save precious floor space for parking your car and storing larger items that need floor space. A good way to keep the garage organized is to make use of shelving and accessories. You can also take advantage of ceiling space by using overhead storage. Mounting a heavy-duty overhead shelf, for example, can allow you to take advantage of overhead storage. Using a horizontal rack can help you to line up garden items on the wall and avoid leaving them in a messy pile.

Designate Spots for Toys For Kids Or Bikes

Assign a specific spot for bikes so everyone has designated parking for their bike. If you don’t have enough space to park bikes or store toys on the floor, bike hooks and activity organizers can come in handy.

Create a Mudroom in The Garage

To prevent dirt and debris from getting into your home, create a mudroom in the garage for people to place their shoes and coats.

Store Common Items in Bulk

Store items such as potting soil and pet food in metal-lidded trash cans.

Bottom Line

With these quick garage organizing tips, you can get maximum value from your garage and have an easy time retrieving items and making any fixes if needed. Commit to cleaning the garage regularly and getting rid of items you no longer need or use.

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