7 Tips to Make Your Real Estate Listing Stand Out

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There are a lot of Real Estate Listings in the online market. Millions of listings!

Among millions of listings, have you ever wondered how can you make your listing stand out? How will you make them look at your listing instead of looking at the others? Check these tips out.


Indicating accurate information regarding your listing is definitely an essential. Your targets have to know if the listing you are marketing is worth buying.

Number of rooms and sizes of each, type of construction, and design concept or style are just the basic information a buyer is looking for. Aside from the basics, you should be honest and provide details of the upgrades done like roof replacements, floor repairs, and any other upgrades.

Of course, your target buyers are not just looking at the property itself, but also considering its environment. You should always provide details regarding the neighborhood. The crime rate, possible means of transportation, nearest commercials, schools, businesses, and more.


Hiring Real Estate Agents will definitely help you with marketing your listing. Know that your priority is to have your listing on top so hiring agents should be considered. Also know that professionally photographed home attracts more potential buyers, so you should also hire a professional photographer to do that.

Just because you have a camera with you, doesn't mean that you can provide high quality photos that can magnet buyers to look at your listing in the sea of listings online. Professional photographers who specializes in property photography will help you provide the photos of a home your targets long to see. These photographers not just click and shoot, they also enhance the photo to make it look more visually appealing to the market.


You must take home staging into consideration. Empty rooms are dull and boring, it may not attract buyers. Most of your target buyers want to see the possibilities of the space. Staging it will make your listing inviting.

There are two types of staging. The first type is the traditional home staging wherein you hire a professional interior designer to style and stage your home. In this, you have to buy or rent furniture and decorations for you to come up with a beautiful outcome. This type of staging is pricey. It will cost you more than a thousand dollar, maybe, especially if you want to showcase different possibilities in a certain space.

The second one is virtual home staging. In this, you do not have to hire an interior designer and even buy or rent some furniture and decorations to stage a certain space with different styles. Virtual staging is a digital way of home staging, and is a lot cheaper than the traditional one. You just have to send a photo of a room you want to be staged to a virtual stager or designer then that's it! Virtual staging will only cost you $30 - $40 per photo. Some professional photographers offer not just photography, but virtual staging too.


Presenting a top view layout of a home is one of the essentials in making your listing stand out among the others. Just like in virtual staging, some professional photographers also cater or offer floor plan services - 2D or 3D. This is the key if you are to present the whole property to your targets, and provide them a walkthough-like output.


Not all the spaces are necessary to be taken a shot, you should emphasize or highlight what's the best, and will be your targets' favorite spot if they finally got the property you market. Show them the outdoors, if there are any. The living area where they can do things such as: enjoy the sunset or sunrise, anything you can highlight. Also, provide them some descriptions of the spaces you are to feature. Never give them questions in their heads by providing all the details they need.


Buyers want to see different views or angles of a certain space. The more photos they see, the more they become familiar to the property. Do not limit yourself in providing photos your target buyer will surely love to see. Give them enough to satisfy their needs.


One way that will make your listing be found is through knowing the keywords. Providing descriptive and feature keywords will help your buyers easily look for you and the property you market. Examples of descriptive keywords are: Stunning, beautiful, spacious, and many more. Some feature keywords are close to the business district, high ceilings, overlooking views, marble tiles, and many more. All keywords will depend on the market you are targeting. The potential buyers of the property you sell.

There’s more to know, these are just the top things to remember when you are to involve yourself to the real estate industry. Mostly, the help you need is from the professionals, such as the photography-related services. With today’s technology, real estate photography and outsourcing is in demand. Those outsourcing companies offer Photo Retouching, Virtual Staging, and Floor Plan Designing Services. The competition is just in its quality, consistency, and pricing.

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