Tips On Picking The Best CCTV Camera System For Your House

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If you’ve ever browsed through CCTV surveillance camera brochures with their dozens of options, product shots, specifications, and varying prices, you may have been tempted to slap it shut and leave upgrading your security system for another day. It is quite common in houses and shops since they serve the purpose of keeping a place secure quite effectively. It is the best method of maintaining a 24-hour watch and will usually have the option of recording and monitoring in real-time.

A home CCTV security system can be obtained from buy now pay later stores in Australia. This article goes on to provide tips on selecting a CCTV camera system and the best place to set it up.

Best place for a CCTV Camera

There are many strategic locations to place the security camera; however, it does depend on the layout of the house. Some of the best places are listed here:

  • Front Door: A large percentage of robberies do occur from the front door itself thus, it is a good idea to place a camera that monitors the front door entrance. This can also help monitor any packages being dropped off and the people visiting the house.

  • Back or side doors: If there are any other entrances around the house like a back door or a side doors it is a good idea to monitor those as well.
  • Garage or Driveway: For houses that have a garage, placing cameras at strategic locations overlooking the driveway or garage can help monitor the vehicles, tools and other equipment like sports equipment, etc.

  • Yard:  Monitoring the yard is useful to keep tabs on the kids playing outside, animals and trespassers.

  • Common area indoors: The common area is the most important place; since it is possible to see what the kids are up to and the house in general.

  • Hallway or Stairway: Places that one cannot move around without being detected like the hallway or a staircase should be monitored to catch a break-in.

Tips on picking a CCTV Camera System

The CCTV camera surveillance system needs to be selected after carefully considering the application. Here are tips on picking one:

  • Check if the CCTV camera has an internal storage feature or a slot to place a storage card of some kind. Not all cameras are built for the purpose

  • The camera resolution can also vary; the popular resolution is 720p and 1080p. The higher the resolution the higher the storage capacity requirements. It is advisable to opt for high resolution but one should keep in mind, that the recording time will be reduced unless the storage space is also upgraded.

  • Look out for the camera range as well to be able to capture a wide area; this is more beneficial for exterior cameras.

  • Opt for the cameras which have the option of Pan & Tilt. Cameras with these features can dynamically be rotated either vertically or horizontally to capture other areas of the house.

  • It is necessary for an outdoor camera to be waterproof and have excellent video quality.

  • An outdoor camera will not be very useful in the dark unless it is one with night vision. Night Vision cameras are useful for recording all day long and even at night since they record a clear picture at night too.

Thus, there are many factors to consider when buying a  home CCTV security system including whether it is meant for a discrete purpose or a visual deterrent, indoor or outdoor use, the area one wishes to cover and even the image quality. It is important to be aware of the placement options of the CCTV camera as well. It should ideally not violate the neighbor's privacy; it is also not a good idea to place it in a bathroom.


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