Increase the Value of Your Real Estate Before Going on Market - 7 Ways

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Selling a real estate property is no child’s play, and it can sometimes seem tougher than buying one. It requires a lot of homework, patience, and making the right moves to seal the deal. For some people, selling property means calling a real estate agent or listing their home on one of the property buying/ selling sites. However, these are the people who end up getting frustrated and irritated by the entire process. Their biggest mistake is that they did not do their homework correctly before approaching the buyers. People seeking to buy new property prefer a turnkey project where they can move in without requiring to make further investment. Thus, here are a few tips that can help you increase the value of your real estate before going on the market.

External Wall Repair and Painting

The first thing that a potential buyer notices even before he steps into the house is the external fencing and wall. It shows how much you cared about your house and the kind of maintenance it has received all these years. If you want to create a good impression on the buyers, then this is a point worth considering. Any real estate property that appears old, ruined, or depleted will look unappealing and not attract any attention. Thus, we would suggest that you consider an outside fence and external wall repair. Get a fresh coat of paint over the house to boost its face value and stand out for all good reasons. When your estate looks decked with small improvements, you will have your phone ringing with inquiries about your house.

Landscaping the Yard

Nothing looks more attractive than a well-landscaped yard. It doesn’t take a lot to create that look, but this will have a fantastic impact on the buyers who will be happy that they don’t need to do anything after buying the property. The yard is already landscaped beautifully, and they might just start enjoying their backyard parties. If you cannot invest in fixing the yard, at least get it cleaned up by removing the dead plants and debris. Yard lighting is another crucial aspect that does not cost a lot but can help to sell your property quickly.

Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen is an important part of the house, and buyers will be keen about the condition of this space. So, make sure that the kitchen is completely functional without any broken sink or leaking tap. Consider repairing any damaged kitchen cabinets  or improving on the existing one to look more attractive. However, make sure you do not overdo the upgrades by redoing the countertops with fancy marble or granite as this will give an impression that the house is expensive.

 renovated kitchen

Renovate Master Bedroom, Including Master Walk-In Closet

While the kitchen is that place where the family gets together, we cannot ignore the master bedroom, which is inevitably the most significant part of the house. Consider renovating this space by including a master walk-in closet. Custom closets can help you make the best use of the space available to create more storage area for your clothes, shoes, bags, and many more. Check out some of the custom closets Edmonton projects to get an idea of the different designs and concepts you can apply.

Bathroom and Toilet

After the kitchen and bedroom, the bathroom is another important place that the customer will be keen about. If there are leaking faucets, broken bathroom cabinets or moss on the floor, this gives you a terrible image of you, the seller. Repairing the cabinet, adding a few light fixtures, and fixing anything that’s not working properly can give your bathroom a much-needed facelift.

Living Room

As the potential customer enters the house, the living room is probably the first room that he will see so use it as an opportunity to create the first good impression. If there’s a fireplace mantelpiece or an entertainment unit that needs to be repaired, consider getting I done immediately. You may also increase the face value of your living area by getting a new bookshelf or a new wall unit to make the customer feel happy about getting these things along with the house.

Interior Walls and Light Fixtures

Just like you took care of the outside walls, also remember to paint the interior walls and change a few light fixtures to improve the ambiance. Don’t worry about the extra cost because when the house looks and feels so classy, buyers won’t mind paying a little extra to buy your real estate property.

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