Why Cleaning Of Tankless Water Heater Is Required?

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It is necessary to clean the tankless water heater because the mineral deposits can accumulate quickly in the tankless water heater. This will reduce heating efficiency and also becomes more expensive to maintain. If the cleaning of the tankless water heater is done at regular intervals using the biodegradable descaler, it can be kept at peak efficiency. This will reduce heating and water expenses drastically. This further extends the life of the unit to a longer duration. The tankless water heater cleaning kit of Descaling Tankless Water Heaters is a safe solution and works fast. It is quite effective to maintain the tankless water heaters. The issues related to the tankless water heater scaling can be resolved in less than 30 minutes. 


How The Process Of Descaling Is Done?

This can be done using few connections and with a quart of the biodegradable descaler along with water. It takes very little time to conduct this process and to have a clean tankless water heater. The below are step by step guidelines to undergo this process. This will certainly provide a clean tankless water heater. 

Step By Step Guidelines


  1. It is essential to turn off gas and turn all valves to proper positions.
  1. The pour the Rydlyme and water into the 5-gallon RTK bucket.
  2. When this step is completed, connect hoses to appropriate hot and cold service valves.
  3. Later, place the pump inside the bucket, turn on the pump and circulate.
  4. Finally, flush unit, disconnect hoses and return unit to service.
  5. Dispose of the solution down normal drain or sewer! 

Once this process is done the cleaning of the tankless water heater is completed.


What Are The Equipments Used?

The necessary materials and the equipment required for this process of cleaning are provided by the RTK. This includes two bottles of Rydlyme for two cleanings of a tankless water heater. This entire process is simple, quick and effective. 



This biodegradable descaler is a scientific liquid descaler and is designed specifically to dissolve lime, mud, water scale, rust and other sorts of mineral deposits. It has been successfully used since long for commercial, residential, governmental, institutional units. This substance is 100% biodegradable without any neutralization and is safe for Descaling Tankless Water Heaters.

Benefits Of Using This Substance


  • It is safe to hold in the hand without injury!
  • It works in a manner of fast-acting!
  • It is safe on metals & materials found in water-operated equipment!
  • It is having the NSF/ANSI 60 certification for use in potable systems!
  • It can be disposed of safely down normal drains & sewers!



It is essential to maintain the water heaters meticulously. If this is neglected, there is a possibility of a collection of mineral wastes such as mud, water scale, rust, etc. Getting the tankless water heater cleaning done regularly by Descaling Tankless Water Heaters keeps it clean and the durability of the water heater will be increased radically. 

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