How to Remove Oil Stains from Pavers

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As with the carpet and flooring inside our homes, it is likely to have our exterior pavers stained. It could be the cooking oil used during your last backyard get-together or grease from your leaking car. Whatever caused that oil stain in your pavers, the thing is it can really be sore to the eyes. Before you call for professional help or decide to replace the stained parts, knowing these techniques on how to remove oil stains from pavers might help.

How to Remove Oil Stains from Pavers

Having and maintaining a good-looking driveway or backyard patio should not be costly. This step-by-step guide on how to remove stains from pavers will surely help if you’re thinking of integrating some new ideas into your backyard or driveway!

Step 1: Soaking Up the Grease or Oil 

Pavers are a great backyard landscaping idea if you have a pool or are just looking for something low maintenance to take care of. Although, grease and oil will surely leave an ugly stain on your pavers. If the stain is still new and fresh, or if the liquid is still on the surface, preventing it from seeping into the pavers is important. To do this, put paper towels and rags on the area to soak up as much liquid as possible. 

Once you have done this and a considerable amount of the liquid is still sitting on the pavers, get some kitty litter and spread it over the stain. Lightly push the litter into the area, but be sure not to use a wire brush to prevent scratches on the pavers. Give some time for the litter to soak up the remaining grease or oil. Check for any more liquid, then sweep the kitty litter and throw it away.

Step 2: Scrubbing the Stained Pavers

Next, get a natural washing liquid or any dish soap (which is more satisfactory in cleaning stains most of the time), a bucket of water, and a scrub brush with soft bristles. Make sure not to use a brush with wire bristles. Aside from dish soap, you can also use baking soda, especially if the stain covers just a small area. This is also a good tactic to use if you have pavers as a pool deck and they eventually get stained over time. 

Pour a significant amount of washing liquid, dish soap, or baking soda to the bucket of water. Spray some of the solution on the pavers and start scrubbing the stained area until it disappears.

Step 3: Spraying the Pavers 

Finally, clean the pavers by spraying it down with a garden hose. Choose a hose with a nozzle for a higher pressure of water, allowing you to spray directly on the area. Alternatively, you can also utilize a pressure washer to effectively get rid of the grease or oil. However, pressure washers can easily damage surfaces, such as concrete and pavers.


If using the said solutions do not work, you can try other products to remove old oil stains driveway. An oven cleaner is a good option – you just have to deal with the chemicals in it that can be harmful to you or your drains and lawns. Just spray the cleaner on the stained pavers and give some time for the solution to sit. After about 15 minutes, rinse it off with water using a garden hose.

Another good option specifically for stubborn and old stains is a degreaser product, which you can buy at your local hardware store. Follow the instructions indicated on the product when using it for satisfactory results.

Consult a Professional Cleaner

You have done your best, but everything still failed. Well, maybe it is time to ask for the help of a professional cleaner. If you find yourself going down this path, make sure to consult a company or contractor who specializes in cleaning pavers and is familiar with how to clean grease off patio pavers and knows the special instructions that come with using a pressure washer or other equipment to preserve the beauty of your driveway or patio.


How do you get oil stains out of a pressure washer driveway?

A pressure washer can effectively get rid of or lighten oil stains on your driveway, especially if the stain is still fresh. To do so, apply a cleaning solution onto the area and start scrubbing it with a brush. Put detergent on the pressure washer and start spraying.

Does bleach remove oil stains from concrete?

Yes, using a bleach solution can remove oil stains, dirt, mold, and mildew from concrete. Just pour the solution onto the stained area, then rinse it with hot water. For old and stubborn stains, you can also use bleach to pre-wash the surface before a full wash. This technique eliminates stains in most cases.

In Conclusion

Our driveway or patio is an extension of our home, which means that it also reflects our personality. Clean pavers are pleasing to the eyes. If a part of your pavers has been stained with grease or oil, removing it immediately is critical as old stains are harder to eliminate. Follow the step-by-step guide presented above on how to remove oil stains from pavers and you will be on your way to clean and good-looking pavers once again!

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