What to Know About Moving

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What Should I Know About Moving? What Should I Know About Moving?

Considerations Before You Move

Moving from your home or apartment is one of the most stressful things you can do. It can be a complicated process with the chance of many things going wrong. To try to reduce your levels of stress, we have put together some things which you need to know to make your move a whole lot easier. If you have never moved before, it can be a hectic experience.

With so many steps before moving out, it’s commonplace for a person to get stumped on how to start the whole process. When your move is one hundred percent confirmed, the first step would be to analyze how much it is going to cost unless money is no object to you.

The cost of the move will probably play a significant factor in how you approach the entire relocation. Take a look at these simple moving tips that should put you in a better position to have a smoother experience.

Choosing to Use Movers

In my opinion, using a professional mover is your best option. You may think money can be saved by moving yourself, but there are many downsides with this as well. You will need friends or family to help you out as you won't be able to move your furniture all by yourself.

Furniture moving isn't an easy job, and you may find it better to hire professional movers. They will make moving home easier for you and can do your packing as well.

When your moving date has been confirmed, you need to get some quotes if you want to use a moving company. The prices they charge can vary greatly, particularly if you are moving across the country. Some companies will quote you over the phone or online, but this isn't likely to be very accurate. You will need to have someone visit so that their costs are genuine, and you don't get extra charges you aren't expecting.

The cheapest quote you receive may not be the best movers to choose from. Check everything they are offering and compare them with other companies to find what is right for you. You should also check what previous customers are saying about them, to find out how well they perform.

If you are moving over long distances, the costs could be substantial, and you could save a considerable amount of money by getting more quotes, as well as doing some research into what the movers are offering.

Bonus tip: When you get the final quote from the mover you've chosen, don't forget to figure in a tip. If a mover does an excellent job like many other professions, it is commonplace to tip them. Many people wonder how much a moving tip should be. Maximum Real Estate Exposure has a super guide on what to tip a mover. Make sure you check it out.

Creating a Moving Checklist

Preparing for a move can help in reducing the problems or stress during that difficult time. There are going to be many tasks and things you need to remember, creating a checklist will help with this.

Organize your time with your checklist. It will let you know when things need to be done and how much time you will have to complete them. Order the list so that the most important things are done as a priority.

Decluttering Your Home

Moving from your home is the perfect opportunity to declutter and clear out things you no longer need. This will lead to you having less to pack and transport to your new home, reducing your moving expenses and the time it takes as well.

If you don't want to get rid of stuff, you could find a storage unit nearby if you aren't going to need the things for a while, or if there isn't the room in your new place. You could even help out your finances by selling stuff you don't need on auction sites or elsewhere online.

If you have things, you no longer want but don't want to go through the hassle of selling them, one excellent solution is to have a donation pickup. There are quite a few companies that will come to your home and take away all the things you don't want for free! Yes, you read that correctly - for no charge! Doing this is a great way to make your move easier and help a person in need in the process.

There are even companies that specialize in picking up furniture donations for free. See a helpful list of these charities. Getting rid of a significant amount of the possessions you no longer want will bring down the cost of your move substantially.

Packing Up Your Home

Movers will handle the packing for you if you want, but there is going to be an additional charge. You can save a great deal of money on your move if you do the packing yourself, however.

If finances are tight, this is an excellent way to cut some corners. You could even get free boxes from local businesses or ask friends to save some for you when you are coming up to moving time.

Money can also be saved on packing materials by using towels, clothes, and linen to wrap your items. Newspapers can also come in useful to make sure things don't move around in your boxes during the move. If you do the packing yourself, you can spread it out for weeks or months before your actual date, sorting through your possessions and decluttering as you go.

Moving Day

On the day itself, things are going to be busy and their most stressful. With furniture and boxes being moved around, things can get dangerous as well. If you have children or pets, they will be better off staying with friends or neighbors you trust.

With the kids and pets out of the way, you will be able to make sure your moving checklist is followed, and the whole thing will be less stressful. If you are moving things yourself, make sure you know the correct way to lift boxes, so you avoid injuries. Get moving equipment to help moving furniture if necessary.

If you plan things in advance and do the necessary research, you will have a much more comfortable and less stressful moving day. It will also ensure your costs are lower at a time your finances are most stretched.

Moving Mistakes to Avoid

When moving, nobody wants to make mistakes. When it comes to a move, they can drain your time, money, and energy. Here are some of the most common moving mistakes to be cautious of:

  • Not doing proper research on the moving company you hire, including doing a Google search as well as looking at reviews.
  • Forgoing in-home estimates and just going with an online guess.
  • You are moving yourself with no help without researching other options.
  • Trying to organize and pack your home without any kind of plan.
  • Spending a ton of money getting new boxes when you could have gotten them for free.
  • Not getting insurance for your valuable possessions.
  • Not exploring the best ways to bring down your moving costs.

Final Thoughts on Considerations When Moving

For a smooth move, preparation will be one of the most vital aspects. Nobody ever said to themselves I love moving. It is a long and arduous process. It can sap your energy very quickly, both mentally and physically. Do your best by following some of the moving advice provided. Hopefully, you have found some of these moving tips to be useful.

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