10 Things You Need To Do Before You Can Sell Your House

Posted On Tuesday, 10 March 2020 12:28

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to sell your house, it is crucial to take some important steps to increase the property’s market value and ensure that it is in a good enough condition for sale.

Here are ten things you need to do before selling your house:

1. Work On The Curb Appeal

The very first thing about your home that any potential buyer would appraise is the front part. Having said that, make a great first impression by working on the curb appeal of your property.

Keep the front of your house clean and tidy by trimming your lawn, clearing up the walking path, and, if possible, renovating your current or buying a new garage door that will tastefully complement your home.

2. Do Repairs

A house with too many damages can significantly reduce its value. Before putting it up for sale, make sure you fix anything faulty in the house. This ranges from malfunctioning faucets, faulty electrical switches, to broken tiles, among others. 

Make certain that the repairs are done well. You may need to hire a contractor to ensure high-quality outputs. It will also help to make a list of everything that needs fixing so that you do not skip anything. 

3. Get A Capable Real Estate Manager

When house sale is in play, you need a professional real estate manager to evaluate the price of the property and make sure that it sells for a price that could compete with the prices offered by the likes of we buy houses Tampa.

4. Get Your House Decluttered

It is almost impossible to prevent cluttering when on the verge of sale, but you have to try. 

To make your house appealing to your prospective buyers, make sure you get rid of all the trash and unnecessary stuff, like old clothing, old books, unused construction materials, etc. If there are a lot of mess to deal with, take it a room at a time. 

Once done tidying up your home, selling the house will be much easier. 

5. Clean Up The House

This is an essential task to do before selling your house, and it should be done thoroughly. 

From the closets to the bathroom tiles to all nooks and crannies, you have to make sure  that all these areas are spotlessly clean. Clear the attic from cobwebs and dust. Also, don't forget the garage, kitchen, living room, and the exterior of the house. Clean everything because, obviously, no one would want a dirty house. 

6. Repaint The House

Apply fresh paint coats on those walls that have suffered from frequent wear caused by things like handprints, heat in the kitchen, water in the bathrooms, and time. 

It is preferable to make use of neutral colors that are more general and easily acceptable by anyone. Also, see to it to repaint and touch up door frames and window frames, upholstery, and other items that might need it. 

7. Organize And Organize Some More

A disorganized home is an automatic red flag for potential buyers. So, in order to guarantee a quick and worry-free house sale, ensure that everything is in order. The cabinet in the kitchen and elsewhere, the closets in the rooms, the shelves in the living and study areas, the pantry, and laundry room should all be organized for effortless appraisal and accessibility.

Furthermore, take time to organize books, kitchen utensils, and other appurtenances, as well.

8. Change And Replace Burnt Bulbs

Check all electrical bulbs and lamps in the house to determine which ones are still functioning well enough and those that need repairs or replacements. Also, fix faulty lamp and bulb holders to make sure that the house is adequately lit.

9. Decorate Lightly

Make the decoration of the house as simple and neutral as possible. The goal is for it to appear welcoming and warm and not flashy and blinding. So, don't go overboard when decorating as it will not only cut down costs, but will also help you get more leads for the house sale as prospective buyers would see your property as blank canvas that they can customize and embellish according to their own needs and preferences.

10. Get The Necessary Paperwork Ready

Before your prospective buyer arrives, endeavor to prepare and set all necessary and required legal documents for a seamless transaction. 


After deciding to sell your house, the next step is to complete the extremely necessary tasks of cleaning, repairing, organizing, decorating, and improving the curb appeal of the property. Doing all these will ensure that your house is in great condition once prospective buyers start looking into your home.

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