Things to Consider When Looking for An Apartment in Austin, Texas

Written by Ferdi Pasion Posted On Wednesday, 18 March 2020 12:57
Downtown Austin – Lake and Outdoor Activities Downtown Austin – Lake and Outdoor Activities

Austin, being a capital of the state of Texas is one of the 5 top cities in the US with the highest population growth. Newcomers move to Austin for the warmth, good weather, friendly neighborhood, captivating music, and the promising job market.  With this growth, living in the capital becomes attractive for obvious reasons of accessibility and quality of life. Apartments in Austin area are in high demand.  Obvious things to consider are number of bedrooms, size, neighborhood, price, parking spaces, utilities paid or not, and other perks by the community.

To help you get the best apartment in one of the fastest-growing cities, here are some of the things you should consider.

Determine the Apartment Rent you Can Afford

When hunting for a new apartment especially if it is your first time as a renter, the budget you can afford is the key.  Austin is known as a thriving economic capital city and it is one of the most expensive cities in Texas for renters. The average rent of an apartment in Austin, is $1,190/month for one bedroom and $1,510/month for two bedrooms.

Consider setting aside 30-35% of your income on rent. If you are someone on a tighter budget, you can get a cheaper price if you can live a bit away from the city to in the nearby neighborhoods.

Consider the Weather

Austin has beautiful weather, but you will need to get accustomed to the high temperature. In August, the weather is typically at its warmest when the temperature averages around 98F. On the hottest days, the temperature can rise above 100F with the highest day on record reaching 112F. When you're choosing an apartment, consider the air conditioner, and also get a map of all the best spring-fed pools around the Austin area.

The Cost of Living

As one of the fastest-growing metropolises in the country, Austin has tons of local attractions with a booming economy, every day there are up to 100 new residents. The rising population of people has made things difficult for home buyers because the prices are well above the national average. 

The reality is Austin is not as intimidating as it seems from afar when you're in it. Although the housing prices are higher than the average, the rent average is lower than the national average.  Austin also has low local tax and states rates. Groceries, transport, lunch, and movie ticket are not so high in Texas.

Check the Utilities

Go over to the utilities what are covered or not. Check the water pressure in all the faucet and showers if there’s any leakage.  Be wary of air fresheners being there to cover musty scents. Flush all toilets, fill/drain sinks and tubs simultaneously to be sure they are flowing correctly. Are there enough power outlets in each room?  You can take along a tester or a phone charger to check if all the outlets are in good shape.

Visit The Neighborhood At Night & Meet Your Potential Neighbors

Just like having a bad landlord can make a tenant miserable, a neighbor can also break or make an apartment. Before signing the lease, be sure you know the people living next door. 

You don't want a neighbor who watches horror movies at midnight with the highest volume. Visit the neighborhood on weekends and nights before you sign anything.

Consider Downtown Austin

The downtown area is considered the heart of Austin. If you are someone who loves music, dining, and living a condo, you should consider apartments near downtown.  Surrounding neighborhoods you will find buzzing bars, restaurants on Rainey Streets, and beyond. The Sixth Street and the Red River Cultural Districts have a lot of condos and apartments to choose from. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, a live music fanatic, a food lover, or someone enjoys urban strolling; then you'll love having a home in downtown Austin.

Test Appliances

Just like you tested the electrical work in the apartment, don't forget to check the appliances that you use daily.  Stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, fridges, and oven should be inspected. If some of the appliances don't work, let the landlord know to make sure it got fixed right away.  Usually this happens during your first week of your move-in.

Check Out the Parking Lot Different Times of the Day

If the apartment is a busy complex, you may have over a hundred people there. That makes parking very important. You may be lucky if you have an assigned parking space, but you still have to know the rules that apply when someone takes your spot.  If the parking lot is unassigned, visit the apartment when everyone is leaving for work and when they are getting back home. With this, you will have an estimate of how competitive the parking lot is.

The Lease

Surveying the apartment is essential, but you must understand the lease before you sign. This is an agreement between you and the landlord.  Make sure you read line by line and bring up your concerns before you sign. A lot of people get surprises after they signed the leased and realized the clause that doesn’t make sense on their situation.

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